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Demographic Site Analysis


This report gives the demographic analysis of Bloomington city in California.  , Bloomington, zip code is 92316, is located in California State and has a population of 23,851as at year 2010. The young people, under 18 years, constitute to the highest percentage of population in the area. Currently there is no medical facility in Bloomington CA and therefore, there are various healthcare needs in the region. Hence the report seeks to identify how the residents utilize the healthcare facilities available as well as the needed medical services and products in the area.

Demographic report analysis

a) Population

Bloomington town has a population of 23,851 according to 2010 census, which is a remarkable growth from 19,318 persons as depicted in 2000 census.  The population density of the area is 3,983.8 persons per square miles whereas the ethnicity composition includes whites with population of 12,988 (54.5%). African Americans population is 649 2.7% and the other races comprise of 8,600 (36.1%) persons.

b) Distribution and marriage

According to 2010 census report, 23,670 people live in their own house hold whereas the rest of the population were either non institutionalized groups or institutionalized groups. There are about 5,428 households where by 61 % of them had children under age of 18 years. 3,238 people were opposite sex married couples who were living together as at 2010 whereas 38 people were living together as same sex couples partnership. 895 households were composed of single female householder without a husband and 561 households had only male householders without the presence of female counterpart. Also, there 449 partnership involving unmarried opposite sex persons.

c) Age and gender distribution

The population of the area cuts across all ages with about 8,013 persons living under the age of 18, and 3,019 people were aged between 18 to 24 years whereas 6,493 people were aged from 25 to 44 years. In addition, 20% of the people fall in 45-64 age bracket and about 6.6% of the total population comprised of people aged over and above 65 years. The median age for Bloomington is 27.8 years with a ratio of 100 females for every 103.3 males.

d) Education

The educational spread of Bloomington CA at year 2010 showed that, 1031 people had a bachelor’s degree or even higher credentials. About 7897 persons had attained high school degree or higher levels. The people in white collar jobs represented 49% of the total population whereas the rest were in blue collar job. The area is not favored to have a university or a collage although there are about 85 universities and 34 colleges in California County where Bloomington is situated. The median for the household income in Bloomington stands at $42,582 per year with average household expenditure of $47387 per annum.

e) Healthcare facilities

There are about three hospitals/medical centers near Bloomington town. The facilities include community hospital of San Bernardino which is an acute care hospital, and provides emergency services. The hospital is located 7 miles from Bloomington town. Also, at about 9 miles from the town there stands a medical center referred to as Loma Linda university medical center which also is an acute care hospital and provides emergency health care to the needy patients. The hospital is in Loma Linda, California. People from Bloomington town are also served by St Bernadine medical center which is voluntary non-profit-church medical center. The center provides emergency services and it is situated 10 miles away from Bloomington town.

Healthcare needs analysis

a) Potential healthcare utilization and health behavior

The residents of Bloomington town are more likely to be in good physical health. The largest population in the area consists of young people who are perceived to be healthier than those advanced in years. Seph (1984) purports that; Lack of access to medical facility in the town can be hindrance to proper utilization of health facilities. The distance to the nearest medical facility is quite big and may bar residents from utilizing the medical facilities as expected.

b) Needed healthcare services or products

There are is a good number of people who are involved in blue collar jobs. This indicates possible accidents occurring as they are working and therefore, the town folks will need emergency services nearby. In addition, there will be need for maternity services in the area to serve the 43% of the population that are aged between 18-44 years. This is the group that is getting into marriage and mostly the ripe age for siring children. There are also needs to have a medical clinic that will serve the residents in case of minor health cases.

c) Needs currently not met by the existing healthcare organizations

There is a high likelihood that these needs are not met adequately. This is owing to the fact that there is no medical facility in the city. The nearest facility is about 8 miles from the town, which offers emergency services to the patients. The nearest medical centers also do not offer maternity services which indicate that the residents have to look for these services somewhere else.


Bloomington CA having a population of 23,851 has various health care needs. This is as a result of lack of any medical facility located in the town and demography needs of the area. About 49% of population in the working class is involved in blue color jobs whereby most workers are vulnerable to accidents while working.  Moreover, there is a big percentage of population who are common parenting age. This connotes that there will be need for a medical facility that can offer emergency treatment and maternity services. There will also a need to include a clinic in the area which can offer solutions to minor health cases.

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