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Accounting Discussion

To some extent this statement is true. These tools have revolutionized the way work is done. These tools help in routine work as well as in cutting down on staffing numbers. Most of the tools we use today in our work places are meant to make our work easier and more effective. Routine duties like stocktaking are now easily done with the right software in computers and a single click brings results as needed. Cost and quality controls are also just a click away whereas there is need of less staff since computers will complete an assignment instantly that would have needed many workers to do manually (Warren 2008).

The finance and accounting departments can work with the help of analysis tools since they deal with real data and numbers which tools like computers can sort using different programs. Operations departments on the other hand require the analysis that only humans can perform as this is not constant data based on equations like mathematical problems. According to Tracy and Tracy (2008) Computers don’t think and neither can they learn from their mistakes like human’s can.

It is important to note that computers work on the data entered into them first. ‘Data in, data out’, is the mantra and if one digit in an entry is entered wrongly then the whole computation will yield wrong results. It is not the doing of the computer but it is the oversight of the data entry staff. It is obvious that some people working today cannot manually do their work as required without the help of computers and their programs. These make work easier and allow even the most difficult of work related problems easier just by clicking on a computer keyboard. It is thus true that analysis tools will eventually compensate for inexperienced managers in some departments.

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