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       For many students, there is a “learning curve” when faced with any type of writing assignment that is new or with which they have experienced difficulty in the past.  It is important, therefore, that such a student seek appropriate professional assistance as s/he tackles this project.  Whether the writing assignment entails a basic 5-paragraph essay, a response to text readings, or a more complex research work, such assistance is always available, in a variety of ways, from


       If you are concerned about your ability to complete any type of essay, contact and request a sample of essay writing that directly relates to your assignment.  A writer will complete one, based upon your detailed description and deliver it to you through your own personal account, set up on our site.  This sample of essay writing can be used as an example for study as you write your own.  Or, you can use your personal sample of essay writing more directly, re-writing it in your own style and vocabulary, for submission.  If you choose instruction while your sample of essay writing is being produced, you may communicate with your writer to have questions answered as the piece is created. 


       In addition to requesting a sample of essay writing, offers a variety of other writing services for students.  Whether your difficulty is with an essay, a book review, an analysis, a written response to the writings of others, a research paper or project, an admissions or scholarship essay, a thesis, a dissertation, or any other type of writing, we have researchers and writers who can tackle the project with you, providing any part of or the entire work.   An appropriately credentialed writer will be assigned to each client order and will work directly with the client until the work is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

       Perhaps you have already written your work.  And yet, you have concerns, and you are uncertain that it will “pass the muster” when the instructor/professor evaluates it.  Send it over to us!  Our writers and editors consistently review student work, revise and re-organize the structure, locate new, better resources to use, clean up the grammar and fluency issues, and return a fully polished work to the client.  Many ESL students are especially fond of our essay editing service, for, while they may be extraordinarily bright, their mastery of the English language is not yet at a standard expected by instructors and professors in competitive academic settings.  As well, many math, science, and computer science students, whose strength does not lie in English, use this facet of our service.

       For students who are simply out of time or who absolutely dread the thought of another essay or paper, we have an essay writing service that will complete the entire work, from start to finish.  We want to be very clear here – every work produced by any writer of will be completely original, and we provide a plagiarism report to back up that promise!

       So…you have many options.  You may order a sample of essay writing to use as a model or to re-write in your own style; you may order professional assistance as you learn how to write a particular essay or paper type; you may order complete works of any academic writing; you may order review and editing services.  Whatever your need, our professionals will meet it with integrity and honesty.