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Main Types of Essays

Distinct Peculiarities of the Main Types of Essays

In order to be academically successful it is necessary to complete all assignments effectively. Writing different types of essays is a common thing for high school students. In addition, essay writing is one of the parts of standardized tests. Creating essay is also an essential requirement of the admission campaign. However, it is sometimes very hard to identify what type of essay has to be written as an answer to the test question.

There are different kinds of essays. Thus, students can get confused easily. Nevertheless, it is still possible to distinguish between them. One should know that there are four main types of essays. However, each of the types has its own sub-types.

Four Principal Essay Types

In order to differentiate between the types of essays, you need to understand what the writer is aimed at. Does the writer pursue the goal of describing any objects, events, or giving instructions on how to do something? Does the writer intend to persuade readers to take a certain position? Each type of essay serves a certain purpose:

Narrative Essays: Narrating Stories

The aim of this essay is to describe a story relating to real life. At first, producing such a paper seems a piece of cake. However, the difficulty lies in writing about yourself. You need to make every effort to interest readers in your narration. Thus, try to create a stunning work. Note that narratives essays are produced in the first person singular which helps attract readers’ attention. Using the personal pronoun “I” helps readers feel themselves participants of the story. If you manage to produce a quality narrative essay, you will not have problems with writing a personal statement.

Narrative Essay Informal Essay Short Essay

Descriptive Essays: Illustrating Issues

When creating this essay, the writer aims to describe a special event, place, or even feeling. Mind that a descriptive essay is produced not for the sake of the very description. Its goal is to convey a symbolic meaning of the described matters. If you are assigned to write such an essay, you need to describe the object vividly. Perfectly written descriptive essays engage readers arousing profound emotions.

Descriptive Essay Compare And Contrast Essay Classification and Division Essay

Expository Essays: Concrete Evidence Only

This is an informative paper presenting a complete analysis of the subject. When creating an expository essay, you need to explain a particular phenomenon by providing hard facts such as statistical data, examples, etc. The sub-types of an expository essay are the following: cause and effect essay, process essay, and compare and contrast essay. One should not express their emotions when preparing an expository essay, as its key feature is dealing with accurate data only. Additionally, no personal pronoun “I” can be used when producing this work.

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Persuasive Essays: Persuade Readers

The major aim of a persuasive essay is to make readers share your viewpoint about a specific question. In order to convince readers of something, you need to impart undeniable facts, provide clear examples, and professional opinion about the analyzed issue. Note that it is essential to consider the matter from different angles. Moreover, you need to express your thoughts cogently to persuade readers take your position.

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