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       When people have difficulties, they have two options.  They can “go it alone,” trying to work through the issues, or they can look to others to help them.  This holds true for students as well, when they get behind in coursework or face too many assignments, readings, classes to attend, etc.  “Going it alone” may mean skipping classes to complete assignments, failing to submit assigned essays and papers on time, and resigning oneself to the lower grades that will result.


       There is another option, of course – that second one of getting help.  Obviously, it would be difficult to ask friends for assistance, as they are struggling with their own assignments.  One place for assistance is an online academic writing service that offers essays for sale.  There is no lack of these services, and a simple Google search will show you literally hundreds.  The trick is to find the right one, of course, because as you already know, there are plenty of unethical companies that have essays for sale that are, in fact, poorly written by non-English speaking individuals in other countries, or, worse, have come from public databases and sold to innumerable students before you.  When you decide to seek assistance with essays, papers, or any other type of academic work, you need originals.

 offers essays for sale, along with all other types of academic work, to busy or desperate students at all educational levels.  Unlike most services that offer essays for sale, we provide only original works, including essays, term and research papers, presentations, reports, projects, complex graduate-level works, and any other type of written assignment a student may face.   We have two options for our clients, but, in both instances, every work is guaranteed 100% original.

       OPTION ONE has a complete team of academic writers who work fulltime producing essays, papers, and other works in every subject field and at all academic levels.  They produce these original works and submit them to our editing staff for a full review and scan for plagiarism.  Once they have been approved, they are placed in our private, confidential database, available only to our clients. 

       A client accesses our database of essays for sale by opening an account and funding that account based upon the types of academic works he or she needs.  S/he can then search our database using keywords related to the topic, the academic level, the type of work, and other specific requirements.  The search begins, and the client is presented with relevant works from which to select.  Once a work is selected and paid for, it is permanently placed in the client’s account and deleted from our database.


       If any student is unable to locate an appropriate work, he or she may order a custom-written work.  With this option, the client completes a detailed ordered form, and one of the site administrators assigns the appropriate writer (with the content field degree at the correct academic level) to the work.  The writer and client then communicate and collaborate until the project is completed to the client’s full satisfaction.  The custom original work never appears on our database and will never be shown or sold to another.  Once delivered, it becomes the property of the customer.

       Whichever option suits you, you cannot go wrong with the professionalism and integrity of!