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Writing services are big business today!  Like most big businesses on the web, they are also pretty impersonal.  A student finds a site offering essay writing, enters information about the type of writing he or she needs, makes payment, and waits for the product to be delivered by the deadline given.  Generally, the student then receives the essay, paper, etc. via email, hopes that it is not plagiarized, and turns it in with some nervousness.  In many cases, the product is inferior, not written in proper English, and the student is faced with quickly re-writing something that s/he has already paid someone else to write!

BestCustomPapers.com is a different type of essay writing service.  We hold several old-fashioned, but important, beliefs.  We believe that each customer has unique needs that should be met; we believe that customers deserve the very best in quality and service for their money; we believe that to be ethical is better for business in the long run; we believe that building good relationships with customers builds customer loyalty.  For these reasons, students may order essay writing services from us with confidence and trust.

BestCustomPapers.com produces any type of academic writing that a student may need – essays, book reviews, term and research papers, analyses, research proposals, reports, theses, dissertations, application essays – in any content area.  To do this effectively, we employ the services of graduate-degreed experts who can conduct proper research, organize and analyze data, prepare statistical analyses if required, and produce beautifully written, well-organized works on any topic.  Throughout this process, the student has access to the writer and to our customer support team, so that everyone is “on the same page” as the work is created.  When your work is complete, it is reviewed and scanned for plagiarism by our editing team, to ensure quality and originality.

In addition to essay writing services, BestCustomPapers.com provides students with information and important tips on writing, so that the student can become more familiar with the elements of good writing and begin to work on becoming an effective writer him/herself.  Here, you will be given the steps, with detailed explanation, in creating a writing project from selection of a topic to producing a bibliography in the format required.  This information is available free to any customer, because one of our goals is to promote academic proficiency in essay writing skills among others. 

When you use the essay writing servicesof BestCustomPapers.com, you are far more than an order number.  You are a unique individual with unique needs, and we will customize each writing piece to those needs.  If your writer has questions, he or she will contact you.  If you have questions or issues, we encourage you to contact us.  We want you 100% satisfied with the final product and promise to make any revisions you request after you review it.

For the range of services we offer and for the quality of both our products and our customer support, we believe that our essay writing service is the best you will find.  Certainly, there are many others, and they may be cheaper.  They will not provide, however, the service and guarantees you find at BestCustomPapers.com.

Let’s begin a long-term relationship!  We will produce first rate original works for you and give you the option to practice becoming an effective writer yourself!        

Have you got any questions? So contact us for all your writing needs!