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       BestCustomPapers.com has after immense research, has come to the conclusion that there are five factors that makes a client in making a decision with regard to selecting a particular essay writing samples provider. These five factors are: quality, coverage, cost, delivery commitment and relationship management.

       A mediocre paper written without proper attention smells of partiality and bias. Such papers worsen in their quality if these are plagiarized or spun to make duplicate version in order to make unlabored profit. Such papers are not written with due research and collection of relevant information. The evaluator also understands that honest effort has not been done. He gives inferior grades.

       BestCustomPapers.com gives utmost importance to the quality of a written paper channeled to the students through essay writing samples service. The first and most important step taken in this direction is to employ highly qualified and talented writers from developed countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia. These professionals are native English and the language is integrated into them from birth. The dictionaries that they follow are the most coveted Oxford, Cambridge and Webster dictionary. They have been brought up in the environment of renowned grammar book written by Wren and Neisfield.

       We, at essay writing samples service focus great attention to coverage. Coverage in academic writing term is known as researching and acquiring relevant information from various books, periodical and papers. In order to consolidate coverage of information, we created one of the most updated libraries with archives where one would find any material on any subject ranging from ancient past to the present and in some case research material that point to the history of the future. We made abstract on almost all the topic relevant to the career and courses of the present and fed the same into the computer databank with due referencing to the location of the detail material either in our library or elsewhere. Further, we earmarked a team of dedicated professionals at essay writing samples to keep on updating and enriching the data bank and library so created.

       The third important factor is the cost. The cost is based on our overheads in employing eminent professionals from foreign countries and maintaining our information coverage management. Our charges are most considerate. In fact we charge very little towards maintaining internet crowd and managing our information and support system.

       Unless our essay writing samples service deliver custom paper within the deadline, all our efforts go in vain. Keeping this in view, we always try to keep 20% from the committed delivery time so that if there is some further modification needed from the student side, the same can be covered without any difficulty. If such revisions are not in order then we make delivery ahead off deadline.

       The world is running on relationship management otherwise a person; a community or a company may disappear into obscurity. We have an excellent relationship management system in place at essay writing samples. Its proof is in the fact that we never lose a customer. A customer for once is a customer for ever.