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       What does a Customized Essay Writing Service Look Like?  It Looks Like BestCustomPapers.com!

       An essay writing service online may “look” like many things to a potential customer.  Certainly, there are choices to be made among the hundreds of such services one can find with a simple Internet search.  The biggest and most important difference among them, however, is the term “customized,” and you should understand this difference clearly before you spend your money.


       You can find an essay writing service online that will offer essays, papers and other academic writing with a fast turnaround time and a cheap price – usually $9.99 a page.  Do you really think that a qualified, degreed professional writer will work for that amount, especially after the service administrator has taken his or her cut?  Of course not!  You will get something, to be certain, but it will be poorly written or, worse, completely pulled from a database of essays to which anyone has access and which have been sold and re-sold many times.  If your instructor or professor suspects plagiarism, it will be run through software detection and discovered – not a good outcome for you!


       A “customized” essay writing service online, however, looks and acts very differently.  Here, you will find the personalized service you need for your money.  You will complete a detailed order form, specifying every requirement for your essay, paper, analysis, thesis, etc., and we will assign the project to one of our hundreds of degreed professionals who write for a living.  They will begin your paper from scratch, completing each phase of true quality writing, no matter how simple or complex the work.  If, for example, you are a high school student who must complete a paper on the symbolism in Moby Dick, an English major with a Bachelor’s degree will create the paper from scratch. 

       If, on the other hand, you are a Ph.D. candidate working on a dissertation on the efficacy of an alternative educational program for poor performing adolescents, than a Ph.D. degreed professional will assist you with any section or the entire work!  Obviously, a high school assignment will require less complexity and less research, and pricing will reflect that.  We believe that a part of customization is charging costs comparative to the amount of time and work involved – this is only fair to both customer and writer!

       A “customized” essay writing service online also means personalize service before, during and after the sale.  You will be able to speak to our customer support professionals and to your writer at any time, through your personal, confidential account.  Email, fax, or call us – we’re always here!  Once the work is finished, moreover, you will have the opportunity to review it and request any revisions, at no cost.

       An original work, expertly written just for you, meeting all of your expectations and requirements, and delivered to you on time is what we do – This is true customization!