Essay writing example

       Before you hire a writer, you must ensure that  he would deliver. Essay writing is both an art and a science. An essay writer gathers  information from various sources such as books, periodicals, journals which are available with a student or are browsed in the quiet hall of a library. This content of the information is an art. You select and make notes according to your artistic ability to comprehend a topic for essay. The technique of arranging such information in several paragraphs starting from introduction to the conclusion, formatting the content into an assigned style and enriching it with quotes, citation, referencing and bibliography become the science of essay writing.


       Unless a student if fully dedicated and sacrifices most of his other activities to save time for composing an essay in the aforesaid manner, the quality of the essay will dampen and may injure career of the student. Alternately, if a student hires some essay writing service that boast of giving quality essay at unbelievable cheaper rate, then you may be in for a cheating. There is every chance that you are getting a duplicate essay which shall expose itself by plagiarism screening software.


       Essay writing is a specialized job. If a student writes himself, in his own words then the essay may not be great but it certainly would pass plagiarism test. That is enough to get a fair grade. If a student takes assistance from a tutor, or a senior student or an expert guide then the essay writing would be acclaimed everywhere. But, such facility is seldom available in three dimensions. The last and more assured resort is to select a genuine website such as to assist and prepare a paper according to given instructions.

       Our essay writing service provides professionals who are highly qualified and experience hence highly talented in essay writing. These professional can easily produce a literature review. We assure that a writer is attached with the student who has proven proficiency in writing essay in the desired discipline and has higher degree than that of the student for whom he is writing .You must not hire any Tom, Dick and Harry having inferior qualification to that of the student and very little or no experience in the given discipline for a few dollars profit. A simple graduate writer cannot write PhD paper.

       Some golden points to remember while hiring essay writers from

  • You must insist for a writer who has a higher qualification than your and has at least 5 years experience.
  • You must insist for a review of a sample essay previously written by the attached writer.
  • You must insist for permitting you to check the progress at least 2 times.
  • You must insist for a review by you after the final draft is ready.
  • You must insist for a screen shot of Plagiarism test of the essay.
  • You must insist for a deadline which provides you some time for further revision and modification
  • You must insist for a discount if the fee looks to be beyond your affording capacity.

       You shall be surprised that would readily agree for all the above condition. This is the trademark of a genuine company.