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       The Most Common Complaint of Teachers and Professors?

       Students Today Do Not Know How To Write Formal Essays and Papers!

       And it’s true!  American writing has become more and more informal, and many students enter high school and college without the writing credentials to produce what is expected.  There are probably a number of reasons for this – the wide use of email and texting, the reading of more informally written books, the fewer demands to write in grammar school, and, historically, a dislike of writing on the part of students.


       Unfortunately, students who have not mastered the skill of academically-sound writing find themselves at a clear disadvantage when they must produce formal essays and papers which are then compared, by a teacher or professor, with the writings of much more adept peers in the classroom.  Grades suffer, no matter what the subject area, and as the grades suffer, so goes the GPA.  One can be a “crackerjack” science student, but as soon as that research paper is assigned, writing skills becomes a part of the grade, no matter how much knowledge a student possesses.


       All is not lost!  Many highly successful career professionals cannot write well.  They accept it and understand that excellent writing is not something they are likely to “pick up.” So, they employ the services of a professional writer when reports, presentations, etc. must be completed.  Students can do the same thing!  They can employ the services of an excellent essay writer to translate their thoughts, ideas, and information into worthy essays and papers that will impress even the most critical instructor or professor.

       BestCustomPapers.com was founded based upon the growing needs of busy students of average writing ability.  Over the years, we have been able to provide a perfect essay writer for every student that has come to us for assistance.  Whether the request is for a high school essay or a Ph.D. dissertation, we have been able to accomplish all that the student needs and more!  Our strict standards of employing only professional essay writers with master’s or doctorate degrees in their content fields who submit examples of their own work for approval, have resulted in an accumulation of the largest and best team of essay writers anyone can find.  Our strict standards of complete originality for any written work created mean that when a student uses an essay writer of ours, he or she will receive a customized 100% original work that conforms to every detail of the order placed.  We enforce our standards by checking the academic credentials of every potential writer and by scanning each and every completed work for plagiarism before it leaves our door.

       Use of a superior essay writer is not a cheap venture.  At BestCustomPapers.com, we pay our writers well, as we should, and we have to pass that cost on to our customers.  You can certainly find a cheap essay writer on any of hundreds of websites, but you will get exactly what you pay for.  Cheap services use inferior, often foreign, writers, willing to work for very little, and allow cut and pasted or plagiarized works to be delivered to their customers.  It will be easy for your instructor or professor to discover this, given the sophistication of plagiarism-detection software which they all use.  The risk you take is great, and your bargain will become your nightmare!

       Trust BestCustomPapers.com to provide exactly the right essay writer for each and every essay, paper, project, report, thesis or dissertation you need.  You will pay more, but you will sleep at night!   

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