Do my essay

So…. You are Applying for College or Graduate School!  How are Those Application Essays Going?

Just received an assignment for another essay or paper and you are already laboring over three others?

If you are like many students, you dread essays and papers, either because they ask for you to be creative with non-creative topics, because you have little interest in the topic assigned, or because you simply do not find yourself naturally talented in the area of writing.  You are probably asking yourself, “Why can’t I just find someone else to do my essay?”  Well, you can!

As a recent graduate, I look back upon my college days and remember all of the fun times.  When it came to coursework, however, I was not excited about all of the classes I had to take that did not relate to my major and, worse, all of the writing assignments in each of them.  At first, I tried to do my essay or paper myself, but that did not go so well.  Long hours at the library, finding sources, trying to organize all of the information, and then writing a perfect piece, took far more time than it did students who could write easily.  And the grades I received lowered my overall average in the courses.

I tried to hire fellow students to do my essay or paper in some of my courses, but that did not work very well either.  Most of the time, they were busy with their own assignments, and completing mine was last on their list of priorities.   In a couple of instances, they returned my money, and then I was scrambling to put together something at the last minute – not a good plan!

Finally, when I received a difficult assignment in a medieval literature class, I went online to see if I could find a ghostwriter to do my essay.  I was surprised to see that there were hundreds of writing services, all of them promising to write essays, papers, book reviews, analyses, etc.  As I read through their sites, though, I realized that these were foreigners whose use of the English language was worse than mine. No way could I trust them to do my essay. 

Then I stumbled on  Wow!  These people used English correctly, and they had actual people I could call and talk to about what I needed.  I decided to give them a try with my essay.  Not only did they write a perfect paper, but they delivered it to me before my deadline, and, along with the essay came a plagiarism report, proving that it was an original.  From that point on, I used only whenever writing assignments became too much for me and have never been disappointed. has just provided me with my application essays for medical school, and they are perfect!  As I move on through the next phase of my education, I will use no one else for my writing assignments. (William H., New Jersey)

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