Custom researches

     Majority of students who are in need of custom researches rely on BestCustomPapers.com, it is because we have a team of highly educated writers who at least hold a masters or PhD degree other than that they also have access to all the premium libraries.

     Other than writers we also have a whole team of editors who are familiar of the investigation it takes for a perfect proofread and edit. Even the editors have access to the premium libraries because these editors are not only responsible to check writing errors but they are also those who have to investigate if the written information is accurate or not.


     Other than writers and editors, we also have a team of administrators. Their job is to assign your ordered custom researches properly. Selecting the correct writer for a job is also an art and we take it very seriously, your custom researches will only be assigned to those writers who belong to the relevant field of studies and have the proper knowledge on the subject.


     The key hallmark of a writer is the uniqueness of his style, and it is only the characteristic which decides the grades writing will get. Thus all our writers are selected if they have the uniqueness required for writing genuine researches. For the sake of our clients’ convenience we have defined the vital steps of the procedure below:

     Defining the Topic:

     In the beginning our writers are told to define the topic and the scope of research, of the researches. To begin with writers will define the scope of the research topic assigned to them. With this information, they will also be responsible to include the sideline to their own perspectives. These perspectives will most importantly depend on the clients ideas. This will be done only if a tentative table of sidelines will be required by our clients’ professors.

     Preliminary Research:

     After defining the topic, next step a writer follows is the preliminary research which refers to the custom researches related to the background information. This information is also gathered from the top online libraries and other credible online databases. Wherever the information is gathered from, it is still not plagiarized but rewritten from the scratch.

      Drafting the Paper:

     After completing first both steps the writer then goes for paper drafting. This process is also not taken lightly and done accurately. Because no matter how easy a task is, if it is messed, our reputation will be affected immensely.


     Our writers are aware of almost every citation, so whatever you request will be done correctly and rechecked by the editors.

     Editing and Proofreading:

     The last step is the one of which extra ordinary focus is required. Thus we meet this requirement and only hire proofreaders who are specialized in this particular field.