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       The advent of internet has made it very easy to buy term papers online which fit your requirement. Initially all papers, be it essay, term paper or research paper were written by hand after taking notes from sources manually. Mouton and Holmes (2203) has written that between 1870 and 1900, America witnessed a transformation in education system when writing was made the foremost method for discourse and research became signature of learning. The ugly face of development was that with print technology becoming cheaper, reproduction of copies of term paper, plagiarism and sale of term paper became a problem. At that time, copies of term paper could be found in several institutions. These copies were used as model to educate the students. Later, when the students began to get printed copies from the market and submitted the same in their own name, then it became academic dishonesty. As on date, detection of any three consecutive words from a copyrighted article is branded as plagiarism and is frowned upon by administrators and educators. 


       Taking note of this ugly face of plagiarism, educators made stringent rules asking for original papers for submission. Now, when a student is caught with plagiarized term paper, he is penalized heavily. Institutes have also started depending on anti plagiarism software that could detect duplication, cut-paste, and copy paste like plagiarism. Synonyms of plagiarism were coined as copying, breach of copyright, bootlegging, lifting, stealing and illegal use. Academic dishonesty also shows the inclination of a student towards illegal compromise in future. Plagiarism affect the reputation of an institute, standing of an educator and future of a young person availing education.


       There are three types of companies which have swarmed the internet. The first are those which lure students with supplying free term papers and thereafter squeezing such students by selling various cheap imitation products at high rates. These are ugly companies. The second type attracts innocent and ignorant students with term papers that are cheap. In fact, these companies flourish in making thousand copies of one term paper and circulating at random to any desirous student. Eventually, students get caught for plagiarism and suffer heavy punishment. These companies can easily be termed as bad. However, there are isles in the desert of bad and ugly. There are good companies too, but few and far between. The ratio of the three may well be 60:35:5.  The rates charged by such good companies may be a bit high but you will get 100% guarantee against plagiarism and for originality and uniqueness when you buy term papers online. is a good company. You shall hear good words about this company everywhere. It has earned this reputation after unlimited efforts to serve the students like their guardian and friend. has the biggest team of excellent writers having Masters and PhD qualification from reputable universities. These writers are divided into different groups. There is separate group for a particular discipline and level of education. When you buy term papers online written by these devoted and sincere writers, you get originality, uniqueness and most of all exactly as per guideline and instructions given by your teacher.

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