Writing College Admissions Essays

Posted date: May 30, 2017

All those who go through the application process have to write some kind of an admission essay. Read on to get some important pieces of advice.

Tips on how to write a good college admission essay

Gain an insight of what admission officers are looking for

After a time-consuming and demanding process of completing your application form, there finally comes the awaited moment of sending it. Then your form will be added up to a huge ream of papers. You may think that your paper is special and unique, but you should remember there are thousands of candidates with the same aim and similar papers.

That is why, while fulfilling the requirements, try to see the writing through the eyes of the admission officer. Remember, the principal items, to which examiners pay attention, are scores, your essay, and your coursework.

It is important is to persuade the admission group that you are highly motivated and can persist through difficult times. Your motivation is not just a fleeting thing, but you have the willpower to study hard and succeed in the field. Therefore, the university could count on you.

Get your thoughts in order

When planning an essay, it is good to set your mind before you begin. So, it is high time to ask yourself some questions. Here is the list of them:

  • How can I persuade the admission board?
  • What would demonstrate better my determination and diligence?
  • In which way is it possible to contribute to studying achievements of the colleagues?

What are you going to write about?

Actually, the manner, in which you present yourself ,will create the first impression about your personality. Everyone wants to list as many excellent qualities as they can, without coordinating them with real-life activities and achievements. However, if you tell about your positive characteristics within measure, it may look like mindless boasting. Apart from describing the features of your character, make a brief review of your biography. It may contain such elements as your future career plans, afterschool activities, participation in competitions, etc.

Stand out of the crowd

It should be a piece of cake for you to make a claim about yourself. Being not an American citizen, you are already different and can state a few things by which you would be easily remembered. Write about your origin and provide some background information about your culture and its peculiarities. Choose something interesting to draw the attention of a person who is going to evaluate the paper.  In addition, think about other aspects, which may differentiate you from the row of the applicants. 

Being able to present yourself in a beneficial way is a vital skill when writing an essay. Your attitude, assiduousness, and intentness are the key elements, which shape your future. Gain motivation and start writing!