What Unusual Dishes to Try?

Posted date: May 25, 2017

One of the greatest benefits of being an expat is that you have a perfect opportunity to try new cuisines. You explore many new things not only in the culture of a certain country but also in food that is popular there. You may be homesick and may wish to try some special meal that your granny or mother cooked, but there’s no denying the fact that getting satisfaction from new tastes and flavors is really an enriching experience for you. By trying different kinds of foods, you expand your horizons and experiences in local cultures. Besides, you may learn some entirely new techniques of food preparation. Even if they may seem strange to you, you could add something new to the already known process of preparing dishes. So, if you are traveling or leaving for another country, the first thing is that you should do is to try food of different cuisines of the world!

The list of must try food or strange foods around the world

Pepper Pot – Guyana

Guyana as a country is really unique and versatile in numerous ways. The country’s official language is English because it has for a long time been under the British influence. Still, the country’s cuisine differs. The national dish is Pepper Pot, which refers to stewed meat (usually beef, less often – mutton and pork) with different ingredients and spices. The sauce is called cassareep. Usually, this meal is prepared for Christmas.

Khash – Armenia

The basic ingredient is a cow or goat's feet, tripe, or head. The meal is slow-cooked overnight. When the meat separates from the bone, it means that the meal is ready. The broth from the dish is eaten hot. Usually, Armenians eat it with lavash and add different spices.

Keshi yena – Aruba

It is a cheese dish prepared in the following way: after the round cheese was scooped out, you take the rind of the cheese and stuff it with different ingredients, namely meat, onions, tomatoes, peppers, olives, garlic, celery, etc. Besides, you can also add different seasonings.

Ceviche – Peru and Ecuador

The main ingredient is fresh raw fish marinated in lemon juice and seasoned with chili pepper. Apart from chili, you can use other seasonings, as well.

Pavlova – Australia and New Zealand

This one is a dessert. There is an interesting story behind the creation of this dish. According to a legend, a chef created this dessert as a tribute to Anna Pavlova, who was a world-known Russian ballerina. It is a meringue cake, which is crispy outside and soft inside. It is usually served with fruit and cream.

So, if you ever visit some of the aforementioned countries, try their national dishes.