Top 5 Tips to Improve Analytical Skills

Posted date: August 14, 2017 tips-to-improve-analytical-skills

Developing or improving analytical skills can help you to understand and solve different problems using all the available information. Good analytical skills are essential for our intellectual, social and professional development. If you want to improve your analytical skills, there are many different ways to achieve it.

How to Improve Analytical Skills

In this article we offer you to take a look and start implementing top 5 tips that will help you to become an analytical mastermind.

 1)      Play brain games

It’s the type of games that require you to think intensively. If you engage in playing them regularly, then you do notice that your ability to think is steadily increasing. Try:

  • Such logic puzzles as riddles, crosswords or Sudoku;
  • Board games such as draughts, scrabble, chess, checker, or strategy games;
  • Video games that help you in improving analytical skills, especially strategy games that challenge you to solve problems and achieve certain goals
  • Use different interesting helpful mobile apps for students such as Woyb

 2)      Join a reading club or debate

When you gather in the group with other people to discuss ideas, problems, events or literature, it influences the way your brain works a lot, because you need to apply efforts to speak your mind and do it in a way that other people can comprehend. Try becoming a part of:

  • Book clubs where you can discuss literature;  
  • Debate clubs where you will be challenged with confronting opinions of others and you will need to think of solid arguments to refute them;   
  • Any social group that pursuits knowledge and discussion of worthwhile matters.

 3)      Think about things

It’s good not just in terms of improving your analytical skills but also in terms of personal development in general. Take your time to think about things rather than making hasty decisions:

  • Think about different scenarios and their pros and cons;
  • Look on the different sides of the problem before selecting a solution;
  • Don’t make the easiest choice and strive to make the best one instead, even if it takes more time.

 4)      Expand your worldview

It’s not something that you can do overnight, but it’s a very worthwhile thing to do nonetheless. Here’s what you should do to achieve it:

  • Think about different ways that people view the world outside political, religious and cultural suppositions in regard to the truth;
  • Try to defend positions that you would rather dismiss;
  • Surround yourself with people who are different from you.

 5)      Look for connections

Everything around us is connected, but we never take the time to look at and understand these connections. If you really want to improve your analytical thinking and skills you need to try to discover connections around you: 

  • Evaluate things from the point of view of cause and effect;
  • Think about differences and similarities between different things;
  • Look at the history of your country, the country you like or the whole world and try to see the connections in history.

These are the top 5 ways to improve your analytical skills!