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Posted date: July 31, 2017 research-paper-on-police-brutality

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Police brutality is the abuse of power, which happens when a representative of police feels that because of his or her empowerment he/she can go above the law and apply unnecessary force and harm other people. This problematic issue exists for a long time, but recently, due to some cases that attracted public attention, this topic is once again in the spotlight.

Police brutality is an especially painful problem for the United States. The problems of police brutality and racial suppression are intertwined because racial inequality was a part of the American culture for hundreds of years. Fortunately lynching and race riots are in the past, but in the modern world, they were replaced with shootings, beatings, assaults and other examples of excessive use of force in regard to the Afro-American population.

Here are the most common forms of police brutality:

  • Stopping the luxury car because of the skin color of the driver.
  • Racial profiling, which means that police stop someone in the street because of their skin color. Racial profiling is targeted mainly toward young Hispanic or Afr-American men.
  • Mistreatment of prisoners, which can take the forms of verbal persuasion, physical force with or without the usage of weapons and deadly force.
  • Misconduct that’s related to the amount of stress put upon the law enforcement representatives.

The problem with police brutality originates in the minds of police officers, when they think that if the person with this skin color, of that sex and upholding to these religious beliefs has harmed or offended someone, it means that all other people of the same sex, skin color and religion will engage in the same behavior as well. This point of view is extremely harmful and narrow-minded.

Throughout the decades numerous ways to correct police brutality were developed.

Here are some of the most wide-spread means to achieve it:

  • Scrupulous training. Training is aimed not only at increasing the physical capability of police workers, but also at extending their inner values that would allow them to become more compassionate. Police officers should also visit special classes, which would teach them how they should act in stressful situations, such as arrest.
  • Conscientious recruitment. It suggests background checks and tighter screening that would scan the candidates’ past in order to assess their violence and racism levels.
  • Integration. The presence of respectful member of minorities in society will eliminate anxiety and hatred towards them.
  • New laws. Very often, upon committing an act of police brutality, officers feel that they’re not guilty. In order to curb police brutality, laws that punish the wrong doers should be implemented. The punishments should range from verbal ones to imprisonment.

Although a lot of efforts have been applied to get rid of police brutality, it still remains a major problem requiring new solutions.

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