Reasons to Visit England At Least Once

Posted date: July 14, 2017 reasons-to-visit-england-at-least-once

Yes, England has a comparatively small territory, but at the same time, each visitor has an excellent opportunity to enjoy awesome sightseeing and discover new angles of the beauty of this authentic land. The countryside here is dazzlingly beautiful, beaches are just what you are looking for to relax and have fun, and people are really amazing. Go through my major reasons to visit England – and start packing!

Top Reasons to Visit England

The coastline in England is unbelievable

The country offers a variety of coastline spots for different tastes: there is Northumberland’s unspoilt coastline with majestic wild views, breathtaking Cornwall’s beaches, and diverse seaside towns which enchant you with original charm and the delights of traditions kept for centuries and exquisite manners.

Dorset Coastline

It is the most peaceful countryside in England. Yes, England is indeed ‘a green and pleasant land’ – and this may be understood only staying in its authentic countryside. Trip to the UK will grant you with idyllic rolling hills reaching far horizon, lush green landscape, and immense serenity that teaches how to enjoy this life.

Buttermere, Lake District

It is stunning – never mind the season, never mind the weather, never mind the purpose of your trip. You will enjoy it in any case. Just picture thriving daffodils in spring, picnics in the countryside during summer, vivid multicolor of the trees in autumn, snow, merry sledging, and cozy nights in winter – isn’t it an amazing shot of precious moments you can experience here?

Yorkshire Dales

One of the ultimate reasons to visit UK is the incredible location of lakes. The Lake District is a bright example of rugged beauty attributed to England. Lakes, mountains, and hilltops will momentarily sweep you away due to the dramatic romance of the region.

Extraordinary Beauty and History

Each stone in England is a touch of history. It is up to you where to start, but usually, tourists strive to witness awe-inspiring Tower of London, prehistoric Stonehenge, the atmospheric ruins of marvelous ancient castles, the Victorian village of Saltaire… Feel the power of history engraved in eternal beauty.

Conisborough Castle

Whatever you have heard, I can assure you: England knows how to party indeed. The reason for a party is not that important – the crucial thing here is a process of celebration. Join and have fun!

Notting Hill Carnival

It’s a divine dream coming true for art lovers! Visit Tate Modern that presents one of the most stunning collections of contemporary art in the whole world. Do not forget about classics demonstrated in the National Gallery. Experience plenty of emotions and impressions due to street art that thrives in England.

Clovelly, Devon

Cities have lots of surprises and unforgettable memories stored for the visitors. It is your call: iconic London, the Georgian masterpiece of Bath and vivid Newcastle, Manchester famous for cool music scene, historical Oxford...

Explore and make your own list!