Question That Directs You Towards Dream Work

Posted date: August 28, 2017 question-that-directs-you-towards-dream-work

There are so many questions and thoughts around us. It is hard to choose the right way to change your life, especially when it comes to your career.

How Can You Dare Change Your Career

So many ‘if's’ pursue us when it goes to the process of changes. A lot of fears in our head hinder our final decision. It is difficult to make a step towards the work of our dream. Do not be paralyzed by these minor things. Ask yourself a question you need to ask. Come to an agreement on the internal dialog.

Be ahead of annoying thoughts:

  • when it comes to crossroads and you feel catastrophic. Yes, you can feel yourself miserable during financial changes, even if they do not happen. But does it worth your nerves?
  • when you know what you would like to start from and where you would like to try yourself. Explore new areas. Do not be afraid of retraining. It might not happen. Even if it does, look at this process from another side. You may try yourself in something new and save yourself from monotonous daily routine.
  • when you did not even make any attempts. How can you know that you do not fit that job? Before making sad conclusions, try to deal with the current situation.
  • when you are ready to act. Focus on what you can achieve, not on what stops you. Do not worry. Do not whine. Just do what you might to do.

Plan for your future and at the same time do not avoid your present.

It is very smart to plan for your own future and prepare yourself for unpleasant moments that can occur. Remember that plans can easily disappear as well as they easily appear. You can bump into hard challenges that you cannot recently predict. Be ready for that nearly all of your problems are not real. They do not deserve your attention. Do not worry about non-existent problems.

The only question you should ask: what thing can I immediately do that will have the most positive influence on me here and now?

Note it, print it, hang it on the wall. You should ask only this question. Ask it right now.

What step will be the next in your career? What can motivate you to move forward? What should you do to solve the issue? What can you do in the near future? What will have the most powerful influence on your career change?

Plan, commit and win.

Let reality be the reality, do not worry about what it might be. You live here and now, so deal with it here and now and you will be where you want to be the most.

When something seems a little premature, stop yourself and ask the only important career question.