Tips for PowerPoint Presentations that Lead to Academic Success

Posted date: April 27, 2018 powerpoint-presentations-tips

If you are facing a problem relating to PowerPoint preparation and do not have the slightest idea on how to make a good PowerPoint presentation the one hand, but you are very eager to do this by yourself on the other hand, then the following article is what you need. Our experienced and sophisticated masters in academic and custom writing have completed a list of useful tips for PowerPoint presentations. Even if you do not know or unaware of how to make a good PPT presentation, we give you guaranties that if you follow our tips for PowerPoint presentations, you will never regret that you have done this as you will achieve your goal – complete an amazing PowerPoint – get high grades, astound your teacher or professor, and what is your important, you will become one of the experts in PPP preparation. Sounds fascinating? 

So, let us focus on how to make a good PowerPoint presentation for college or university.

Our priceless and universal tips for PowerPoint presentations for students

  • Outline preparation

 One of the most important PowerPoint presentations tips is that you should always commence with script writing. Consider that the majority of presentations are completed in PowerPoint. Other presentation packages are also acceptable. Take into account that the key goal of your PPP is to present the most important results or findings of your research or work very briefly and understandably. You should be 100% aware of what you will state and how you will present your ideas. It is advised to prepare a detailed outline before start working on your slides. 

  •  Structure your PPP

As each piece of writing, your presentation should have the introduction, the main body, and the

conclusion. Consider that each slide should be clear, coherent, and eye-catching. Make your listeners anxious about what will be in the next slide.

  • Avoid mixing everything together

Consider that each slide should comprise a decent amount of information so that your audience will be able to comprehend it easily. For instance, you have some pieces of information on one slide, you can present a supporting chart or table on the other one. Consider that as a presenter, you should control the information flow.

  • Avoid paragraphs

According to statistics, many PowerPoint presentations fail because the presenters try to put all stuff they are planning to say or state onto the slides, thus presenting a huge block of text, which is back-breaking to comprehend. It can be compared with a melting pot. Just horrible!

Consider that the slides are not the presentation but an illustration of your PPP. They should reflect your key points that you are dwelling on orally. If you do not know how to make a good presentation with presenters’ notes, then you can refer to our professionals for help and guidance right now.

  • PPP design

Any consideration regarding how to make a good PowerPoint presentation design? A PowerPoint package comprises various ways that can be used to add originality to your presentation, such as flashing text, swipes, fades, etc. They are very easy to operate and create what you wish with just a few clicks. Follow our tips for effective PowerPoint presentations, as well as PPP basics given below.

  • Apply sans serifs for your body text 

For instance, you can use Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica as they are regarded to be the easiest fonts to read through on the screen.

  • Utilize decorative fonts for slide headers only

Decorative fonts, such as calligraphy, futuristic, German blackface, flowers, psychotic handwriting, etc. – are difficult to read and should be used for large headlines that are usually placed at the top of the page. You are advised to apply Baskerville or Georgia.

  • Use alight background

As stressed earlier, you should do all possible to make your audience feel comfortable while reading your slides and listening to you. In case you are required to apply a dark background, you are supposed to make your text on the slides as light as only possible.

  • Align text either right or left

If your text is centered, it will be difficult for your audience to read it and thus comprehend easily. According to the practical tips on PowerPoint presentations, your text should have either on a right or left-hand baseline, which allows the audience to follow the text with ease.

  • Think outside your screen

Keep in mind that your slides presented on the screen are just of many elements of your presentation. They are not the most essential element. Before you make your presentation, consider the way how you behave yourself, what clothes you will wear, what gestures you will use, etc. Consider that it is YOU and not your slides are the focus of attention when you present your PPP.

  • Find an interesting hook

As any piece of writing, your PPP should be aimed at attracting the attention of the audience. If you get your audience interested in your topic from the very beginning, they will definitely follow your considerations or ideas till the very end. Commence your presentation something surprising, intriguing, amazing or astounding something that will have your audience listen to you, take notice, and ask question in order to find out more details. The most powerful and fascinating hooks are those that do appeal directly to the feelings or emotions of the audience. – offer them something awesome or, if it is appropriate, scare the pants off them.

  • Ask questions

Do you know that when people ask questions, then they show their interest, involvement, curiosity, etc.? Ask as many questions as possible. Create awesome tension by putting a question and then allow the audience to stew a few seconds before referring to the next slide with the ready answer. Try to make your audience to rack their brains and hint them gently how many things they should be aware. You can engage your audience into a question-answer game, which is considered a great tactics to apply during the PowerPoint cessions. 

  • Break the set rules

If you consider that it is a winning strategy, do not afraid of breaking the well-established rules. Rule breaking is recognized as perfectly approved and acceptable behavior if you are the best ever possible result oriented.

With the help our professional writers, you get all necessary tips and hints on how to make a good presentation PPT.We hope that if you strictly stick to our profound tips for PowerPoint presentations writing, you will be able to reach great results not only in your academic studying but also in your career and life. Always keep in mind that the more you know, the better.