Learn More about Famous Mexican People

Posted date: December 12, 2017 outstanding-mexican-authors

World literature is rich in talented people. However, if you are asked who you favorite author is, there is a little chance that you remind some representative of Mexico.

Still, Mexican literature also has people it can be proud of. Moreover, some of them made a great contribution to the literature and even influenced the history of the nation.

Some of the most recognized writers of Mexican origin are:

Luis Spota

The most interesting fact about this man is that he may be more often recognized in relation to Boxing rather than literature. However, even being the president of Boxing Council, he managed to write many interesting books, two of which were later adapted for screen. Despite the fact that his books were written in Spanish, one can easily find them in English. Do not hesitate to read some of them! For example, the two books that were turned into films are:

Wounds of Hunger. A story about bullfighting;

The Enemy Blood. A book depicting a group of clowns performing in the streets.

The books of Spota are interesting because they depict life of the biggest cities in Mexico.

Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes wrote his first poems and novels in Mexico. However, he was born and raised in Panama. His father worked as a diplomat and had to live there for a while. Nevertheless, later, Carlos moved back to Mexico to study law. One of his first poems was “Where the Air is Clear”.

Juan Rulfo

Regardless of the fact that his main occupations included photography and screenwriting, he also became famous due to his short stories. One feature that made his works special is that he managed to depict the Mexican population in a specific manner on the background of the humanity in general.

Octavio Paz

The talent of Octavio Paz was supported by a strong belief that poetry is a secret religion of a modern world. His love to poetry helped him first win Guggenheim Fellowship and go to the US, and then win a Noble Prize in the field of literature.

Jaime Sabines

The emotional background of Sabines’ poems was explained by deep reflection of the author on eternal things, including loneliness, the place of a man in the world, etc. The author managed to depict abstract things with words that touch the ear of every reader. 

Martin Luis Guzman

Guzman is considered to be one of the first authors working in revolutionary genre. His memoir of Panch Villa was a reflection of man’s life. Being a lawyer by profession, he managed to write a book, which reflects the life of people during Mexican Revolution.

Valeria Luiselli

Luiselli is a contemporary writer who currently lives and works in New York. One of Luiselli’s books (Faces in the Crowd) has recently won a First Fiction prize awarded by Los Angeles Times.

As you can see, Mexican literature is also famous for many talented writers. Do not hesitate to learn more about them!