Learn to Love Yourself

Posted date: May 26, 2017

Things I Should and Should Not Do While Learning to Love Myself

About ten years ago, I realized that loving myself was the way to emotional healing, to happiness and joy. Now, many people also begin to discover the importance of self-love. You might even say that we have a kind of love (to yourself) revolution. However, there are still many people who have no idea about the meaning of self-love. I am going to shed some clarity on the meaning of loving and appreciating yourself, and on the things you should do if you love yourself.

What Must Be Avoided during the Emotional Healing Process

Indulging unhealthily

You cannot reward yourself for a hard day by over-drinking or over-eating unhealthy food, as well as by over-using technology.

Being selfish

People are selfish when they “take care of themselves” without any concern for the effect their behavior has on people around and when they expect their friends or loved ones to give themselves up for them.

Ignoring any of your feelings

Loving yourself is not about ignoring any negative emotions by judging yourself or making other people responsible for your feelings. When you realize the importance of self-love, you stop doing so.

What Loving Yourself Does Mean

Being attentive to your feelings

Listen to your feelings with tenderness and gentleness. Try to understand what your feelings are telling you. You should learn from those feelings instead of ignoring them.

Taking care of your body

Provide yourself with enough exercise and sleep, healthy food, and beneficial activities.

Enjoying your own company

Listen to yourself, appreciate your intuition and emotions, and accept all of yourself instead of judging yourself. You should define your worth by your own caring, kindness, tenderness, curiosity, and so on rather than by external definitions. If you love yourself, you realize that your achievements are an expression of your being, not the definition of your being.

Treating yourself and others the way you would like to be treated

When you love and appreciate yourself, you are kind to both yourself and people around you. One of the greatest things you can do is becoming a role model of loving behavior towards yourself.

Trusting the universe

When you love yourself, you create a connection with your own source of spiritual guidance, through which you will receive the wisdom that is always available for you.