What to Do if You Do not Trust Your College Roommate

Posted date: July 28, 2017 if-you-dont-trust-your-college-roommate

College life with the roommate you do not trust

Living with another person is usually quite challenging. It is often not easy even to live with your parents or siblings, even though it is your family. So, living with a stranger in college dorm is especially difficult, even more for the reason that it is probably your first experience living away from home. Well, for lots of reasons, you should share a room with this person. So, here are some tips on how to live with the roommate you do not trust.

Protect Your Items

You might have doubts about safety of your valuable things, either because the person you live with will use them without your permission or even worse. During your college life, keep the valuable things in storage lockers, conceal them in a trunk or organize some of them underneath your bed. Also, ensure your combination lock is reliable. Remember that it is risky to leave the cash and your credit/debit cards in different places.

Keep Yourself Busy

This advice is really better than keeping yourself occupied. If you are sure your items are safe, then you do not have a need to interact with the person you live with more than you have to. Otherwise, you will likely find yourself nervous and irritated. During your dorm life, try to keep yourself busy with home assignments. If that is not enough, you can do numerous other things, like getting involved in various clubs or groups, meeting new people and making friends, getting a part time job or finding internships in your major. All the college campuses are always abundant with different activities, so you will easily find the one you like to occupy your time.

Talk to the School

If things are really bad, then you should try to convince the school that you cannot live in the dorm having a roommate you do not trust. Approach your RA and explain the situation. He or she has to understand that the problem is not just you do not get along, and that it is not normal roommate squabbles. Your RA will take measures to separate the two of you. Chances are that there is another dorm, or you have the opportunity to switch with someone.

Set Things Up for the Next Year

Ensure to get an apartment or another housing accommodation for the next year. Of course, there are some challenges to living with friends, but it is definitely much better than what you are currently going through.

Generally, this kind of situation is not very pleasant but bearable anyway. You will eventually get through this. Most college roommates are a unique situation, but there are always ways to manage it. Just make every effort so that the next year you are in some better place where you feel comfortable.