How to Make Up the Best Process Essay

Posted date: October 09, 2017 how-to-write-a-process-essay

Easy Steps To Write A Great Process Essay

If you are reading this articles, you have probably asked yourself million times, “How to write a process essay?” And we have the right answer on this. The most efficient way to create an outstanding process essay is to imagine that you’re making a recipe. Write about each step throughout a procedure, and make it interesting for a reader, but still, be sure that your essay fits the assignment given to you by a teacher. That’s the whole point.

Let’s see how to write a process essay step-by-step:

Step #1: Brainstorm

First, make two columns by dividing your paper into two parts. Name the first column “materials” and the second one “steps.”

Next move will be producing thoughts. Write down every possible idea that on your opinion might be helpful in succeeding your task. Don’t think about an order yet, the main point here is to empty your head.

Once your head is empty, begin to number your ideas. Put a number near each item or step written on your brainstorm page.  Make as many corrections as you want in order to get the order right. This process doesn’t require you to be accurate straight away.

Step #2: Structure Your Essay

Another important step in “how to write a process essay” is to write a relevant outline. You can make it in a form of a numbered list of key points or standard narrative essay. It’s up to you. In case you can’t use numbers in your process essay, it should contain all the elements of a basic essay: an introductory paragraph, body and conclusion. The only difference is that your introduction will explain why the topic is relevant or important. For instance, the paper about “How to prepare delicious healthy food” would explain why it’s important to eat healthy food.

First body paragraph must contain a list of required materials. For example, “The tools you need to use for cooking are simple and most likely can be found in every kitchen. But when talking about ingredients, check the list below and go get some healthy food at the nearest groceries shop.”

The next paragraph to answer the “how to write a process essay” question should be an instruction for steps respectively as numbered in your outline.

The summary should explain the result if everything is done correctly. You may also emphasize the importance of your topic one more time, nobody forbids that.

What to write about?

Of course, you may think that your knowledge is not enough to write a good how-to essay. Not true at all! You go through lots of processes every day, and you can write about them easily. The whole point of process essays is to show that you can write a well-organized essay. Content is #2 here.

Well, now you know how to write a process essay. It’s not that hard as it seems before, huh? Use this knowledge in order to get the best possible grade at college. Wish you good luck with that!