How to Write a Good Satire Essay

Posted date: July 21, 2017 how-to-write-a-good-satire-essay

Writing a satire essay is a challenging task for many students. It is caused by the fact that in order to be interesting for the audience, it should be full of irony, exaggeration and sarcasm.

To make the writing process easier, it is important to understand the meaning and the purpose of a satire essay. A satire essay is a paper that is aimed at making fun of someone or something. A satire essay may be directed at some event, as, for example, election process or its participants, namely politicians.

Personal Writing

Manner Regardless of the sarcastic way, in which the information in this type of essay is provided, the writer should also give facts. A sarcastic essay is not all about fun and humor. It is just a way to present serious information, facts and statistics to the audience in a specific humorous way. As a result, you are free to give your personal opinion on some topics or personalities. Even though you are making fun of something, you are also supporting and presenting your point in this essay.

Choosing a Topic

Just like in any other essay, the first thing to do is to choose an appropriate topic of your paper. It is always recommended to choose a topic you are well-aware of and personally interested in. It will help you express your thoughts better. Moreover, you should choose a topic paying attention to the interests of your audience. Write about something that they can relate themselves to. If you are writing about things that are close to other people, they will either laugh or get upset about them, which is exactly the result you wanted to reach. Make sure that you can approach the chosen topic with enough irony.

Make a Point

Think about the purpose of your paper. What point are you going to make? What do you want to pay the attention of the readers to? Answer the following question to reach the aim:

• Why do you think the subject is humorous?

• How can the irony be applied?

• What is your personal opinion about the topic?

Audience-Oriented Essay

It is extremely important to think about the audience, which you are going to reach. Are they experts in the field of discussion? Are they aware of the issue you are going to write about? May be some other topic will be more appropriate for people who are going to read your essay? Analyzing your audience will have you make a correct focus and deliver your message much better.

Essay Writing

After all main point have been considered, it is high time to get it all together.

Do not forget to focus on the following issues:

• Add humor

• Use facts

• Use exaggeration and irony

• Be sarcastic

Writing a sarcastic essay is interesting because it gives you enough freedom and does not limit you by setting frames. While the paper itself is not only about laughing, the whole writing process is about having fun!