How to Think Positive and Break Destructive Thinking Patterns

Posted date: May 29, 2017

It is possible to train your mind to think in a positive way and eliminate your negative thinking patterns. But what are these negative patterns? They can be any of the following: 

  • ‘Unsubstantiated conclusive’: tendency to make conclusions without any real evidence that backs it up
  • ‘Never to me’: inability to believe that good things can happen to you
  • ‘The negative psychic’: tendency to believe you know what others think about you
  • ‘Should, would, could’: tendency to think that you should do something but can’t do it now
  • ‘It’s all my fault’: seeing oneself as the cause of all bad things and situations
  • ‘They’re all wrong’: tendency to think that your way of doing things is the only proper way 

You can make a conscious effort and change these destructive patterns! Read on to learn how!

Focus on the good: Eliminate you destructive thinking patterns

  1. Recognize the problem. It’s the first step you have to do to change your thinking. Unless you see the problem, there is no chance to eliminate it. At this step, you have to remember that everyone has a different view of the world. When it comes to your thinking patterns, it’s the same. When you see that they negatively affect your life, you get a chance to change them and change the world around you too!
  2. Know when you’re using the destructive thinking pattern. People use different thinking patterns depending on what they’re doing. For instance, you may be very confident and positive at work while being negative and using destructive patterns in your personal life. So, check all areas of your life and detect your thinking patterns in each of them.
  3. Replace the bad with the good. Don’t expect this process to come quickly. Old habits die hard, so you need to be ready to introduce the new positive thinking patterns slowly and steadily into your life. Recognize the destructive pattern each time it comes up in your mind, be aware of it and consciously change it to the positive one. If you can, work on several patterns at the same time. Remember to be patient. 

Changing your patterns of thinking, you can change your life completely. It can be challenging, but the result is totally worth it!