3 Things to Be Aware of Before You Apply to College

Posted date: September 19, 2017 how-to-get-accepted-to-college

The thrill of waiting for a college acceptance letter is familiar to all students. Some of them might also be acquainted with the feeling of anxiety and worry that a delay of such a letter may bring. Before you apply and consequently put yourself at your wits end with worry, learn these three important things that will make sure you get your dream letter perfectly in time.

1. Don’t Miss the Deadline

Deadlines are not simply recommended but are always mandatory to follow. If you miss it even by one day, your application won’t be considered. In addition, this action can set a tone of irresponsibility, and however impressive your application is, the office probably won’t want to work with you if you can’t meet a simple requirement. In order not to lose the chance of your lifetime for such a stupid reason, make sure you know exactly when the deadline for each college you’re applying to is. If you’re applying abroad, take into account time differences because that might be especially disappointing. The best approach is to apply a few days in advance, but never later than the set final date.

2. Follow the Instructions

The application process is long and complex so you can easily forget something. But the fact that there is a chance to make such a mistake doesn’t mean it is excusable. If you fail to include some information, to attach transcript or you forget to tick a certain box, you probably won’t get a second chance. Every college gets thousands of applications, and they really have no time to deal with exceptions of some people being unorganized or forgetful. That’s why you always need to check everything a few times before submitting your application. Ideally, make a list of all steps you have to go through and check it regularly.

3. Meet the Requirements

Every college is looking for a certain type of students, so you need to be sagacious and have clear judgment of your chances. For instance, applying to an Ivy League university you need to have higher than average SAT results and some public service background. If you feel like there are some things that can undermine your success, try to change them. For example, recommendation letters can be written by someone else, and some tests might be retaken. Every college sets certain requirements, but all they guarantee is usually the fact that your application will be considered. If you see that you’re right on the border of meeting them, your chances of college admission are very slim. That’s why before applying, compare the requirements of each college and what you have to offer.

Applying to college is nerve-wracking and one mistake might ruin everything. Follow these three tips and you’ll definitely get your admission letter.