Top Halloween Celebrations in the USA

Posted date: October 31, 2017 halloween-celebrations-in-the-usa

When Halloween added to the nation-wide cultural celebrations in the USA, it also boosted people’s creativity and festive mood of the holiday. Rarely do children and youths (and even adolescents) become as excited and enthusiastic as before Halloween. Of course, there are Christmas and Easter, which are also really beloved holidays, but Halloween is still special. What makes it so special, you would ask? The feeling of togetherness before the preparation, the hustle and bustle of the whole family when they are creating and making costumes – these are all those inseparable magical aspects of the holiday. People have much fun decorating their houses, yards, gardens, going trick-or-treating, having a whale of a time boasting their costumes, and so on.

In this article, we have provided key facts about the top US Halloween celebrations

So, check them out:

Halloween Parade in New York City

If you want to join the parade, you should care for what you will look like well in advance. Costume is a must here if you don’t want to fall flat on your face. Actually, the very first celebration originates from the year 1974.

Sleepy Hollow Halloween

Well, it may be well inferred from the very title of the celebration that it takes place in Sleepy Hollow in New York. The Hollow becomes especially atmospheric in late October as it is that very famous Sleepy Hollow that was chosen as a venue for the events of Washington Irving’s novel. Here the celebration is vibrant as well: fairs, parades, live music, and, of course, magnificent decorations and costumes around.

West Hollywood Carnival in Los Angeles

Just imagine, nearly 50 k. people rush to LA for the festival. This carnival has been estimated to be the largest celebration ever on the streets of the USA.

Festival of the Dead in Salem, MA

Just as Sleepy Hollow, Salem is deeply rooted in the minds of every American who has expressed some more than average level of interest in history or who has read Stephen King. Salem is known to be a place of witch trials, so it has its special atmosphere for the Halloween celebrations. The name of the festival speaks of itself – it’s mostly witch thematic.

Emma Crawford Festival in Colorado

Manitou Springs is the locality where the festival takes place. Despite the fact that it is a small town, it hosts great Halloween celebration. The town is named after a pianist who came to the mineral springs of the town to cure herself from TB.

Little Five Points Festival in Atlanta

This is mainly a culinary festival, where you can try versatile dishes in Halloween style.

Halloween Celebrations in New Orleans

As the most haunted place in America, New Orleans is just the thing for hosting celebrations: go on a haunted tour and feel the general festive atmosphere on the town’s streets.

Halloween in Las Vegas

The celebration is well-versed into the atmosphere of Las Vegas, so do not expect anything modest – everyone is partying.

Halloween on Halsted in Chicago

Take part in the annual parade and compete for the best costume.

The zoo is transformed into Halloween pub and it welcomes everyone with its scary atmosphere.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Halloween writing paper and wish you an extraordinary celebration!