Hacks For Internships That Will Make You More Successful

Posted date: June 02, 2017 hacks-for-internships-that-will-make-you-more-successful

Do you want this internship to transform into a real job after graduation? Then you need to become the best intern and your bosses’ fav. The impression you make may impact your whole career. So, do your best and outstand in a prominent way. How to become an amazing intern? Follow these hacks.

Summer internship tips

  1. Get a planner

How to be the best intern if you’re juggling various tasks at the same time? Write the list of all assignments so that you can use every free minute on fulfilling additional tasks. In such a way, you make an impression of a powerful co-worker who can deal with any amount of work in time.

  1. Install Office Lens 

If you physically can’t take notes whenever the important information shows up, take pictures. During team meetings or personal conversations, snap pics so that you never forget what you’re supposed to do. The app transforms pics into text available for editing in a Word or OneNote document. Save your time and ensure your memory.

  1. Don’t skip coffee meetings

Summer intern usually meets with office workers even after work. The best way to learn more about the company is a coffee date in a less formal environment. However, a packed schedule promotes forgotten meetings and you don’t want to disappoint your supervisor. So, create a calendar of post-work meetings, set on some reminders, and don’t be late.

  1. Avoid standard thinking

Whenever you’re working on a presentation, good old PowerPoint is your best friend. To avoid various troubles like a forgotten flash drive, software incompatibility, and so on, try to go beyond a common cliché and use online presentation templates and makers. Impress the audience with the high-level project.

  1. Create a budget for the internship

Plan the financial part of your internship does not matter whether it is paid or unpaid. Make sure you have enough money to pay rent, to commute, to buy office clothes, etc. Extra expenses are inevitable during the internship, so you should take care of this in advance.

Work hard and become a star! You can do it!