Fun Things to Do in Boston

Posted date: June 13, 2017 fun-things-to-do-in-boston

If you belong to those keen travelers who cannot stand the idea of wasting precious time on the weekend at home and contemplating about another worth visiting place, then we have amazing news for you – go to Boston! However, we have to warn you, the weekend might be not enough to discover and take part in all the ample activities this city is ready to provide for those, what is quite important here, who are on the shoestring budget!

Abundance of activities for the budget travel to Boston

1.Walking on the Freedom Trail. What could be a more thrilling way to get to know the city than visiting its main symbol – the Freedom Trail? Apart from being absolutely free, you will have the chance to discover the history of Boston as well as enjoy those beautiful architectural buildings which bring the spirit of the past to the modern days.

2. Visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Another stop for Boston guests could be this full of history and charm marketplace which dates back to the 18th century. Not only is it full of shops and outlets, but also ample restaurants and cafes where you can try super delicious food while enjoying the stunning views outside.

3. Enjoy a stroll in the Boston Public Garden. Another unforgettable thing for your summer traveling plan in Boston should be visiting this breathtaking garden. As lots of places in the city, this is another place of interest that has a deep history, being the first public Botanical Garden in the States. Known for its Victorian touch, the Garden is the perfect for embracing the authentic spirit of the city.

4. Feel the old at the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Add this point to your summer break ideas because it is the brilliant place for those who yearn to feel the spirit of the Civil War. However, there you can also visit various lighthouses with the rich historical background, of course, or try fishing, or simply enjoy your time in Boston while observing the amazing sunset over the Boston Harbor.

This city definitely has its unique spirit and undeniable charm thanks to which it has become one of the most attractive destinations for travelers.