Freelance Blogging Jobs Without Boards

Posted date: June 27, 2017 freelance-blogging-jobs-without-boards

There are different opinions among freelancers regarding job boards. Some of them state that such boards offer good gigs and everyone should use them, while others claim that the jobs offered there are low-paid and it takes ages to get a response to pitch. Regardless of your opinion on job boards, our article will provide some information on other ways of earning money while working as a freelancer.

Writing Jobs for Beginners

  • Becoming a Professional Blogger

Nowadays, blogs writing is considered to be a separate type of writing activities. As a result, being a good blogger does not mean being a good writer. The deal is that such type of freelance work as blogs writing requires a special writing style, which does not always need to be academic. Sometimes, even professional writers can find it difficult to start writing blogs due to a number of specific features. So, being a good blog writer will give you an advantage even over highly-skilled writers and will make you a valuable employee.

  • Prepare Samples

In order to make customers order from you, it is necessary to provide some samples of your work. It is clear that without proper advertising it will be quite difficult to sell your projects. No one wants to take a risk and to work with a beginner, unless the beginner shows that he is worth attention.

In this case, personal blog will be of a great help. It is a place where you can post your articles and other content. By doing so, you will have an opportunity to show your knowledge and skills in a specific niche.

  • Guest Blogs Writing

It is one of the writing tips that will help you additionally advertise yourself. Writing posts on other websites will make you popular among other bloggers and will definitely attract customers. You may start from some small websites. However, in order to get a good client, your posts should be seen on authoritative websites.

  • Pitching

Do not expect that the clients will come to you at the very start. The best way to find clients is pitching. There is nothing embarrassing about sending pitches to people. All you need to do is to offer your services, which is a quite normal practice among freelancers.

  • Remain Self-Confident

Do not lose hope in what you are doing. Remember that you are a specialist and your talent should and will be rewarded sooner or later.