The Best 40 Topics for Exploratory Papers

Posted date: October 17, 2017 exploratory-essay-topics

How to write an exploratory essay

Exploratory essays topics might not be as familiar to you as argumentative essays topics. However, an exploratory essay is frequently assigned to college students. When writing on exploratory essay topics, you are not supposed to convince the audience of a specific standpoint or opinion but simply discuss a certain idea as specifically and clearly as possible. In other words, when you write an exploratory essay, you try to discuss some issue as objectively as possible and provide the most suitable solution. Even though exploratory essay topics require you to present personal opinion at the end of the essay, you should not persuade the audience to agree with your perspective. When writing exploratory essays, you need to make sure that you research the topic in-depth and have sufficient supporting evidence.

The Most Popular Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. Effects of getting married early.
  2. Single-parenting is no different from raising children in the complete family.
  3. Adopting children is a good way to save the family if the couple is infertile.
  4. Challenges of homosexualism and bisexualism.
  5. The challenges of raising children by same-sex parents.
  6. Divorce and its effects on people’s psychological health.
  7. Difficulties of interracial marriages.
  8. Terrorism and its effects on the social order.
  9. Challenges of being a step-parent.
  10. The relation between financial security and healthy relationship.
  11. Computers in the teaching process.
  12. Renewable energy as an option for saving the world and its resources.
  13. The ethicality of gene screening in the modern medicine.
  14. Positive consequences of recycling and leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  15. The damage posed by the Internet.
  16. Nanotechnologies and its benefits and drawbacks.
  17. Negatives of social media among schoolchildren.
  18. Pros of using the Internet for studying.
  19. Challenges and difficulties of adopted children.
  20. The effectiveness of studying online in comparison with the conventional method of teaching at schools.
  21. The safety and dangers of GMO food.
  22. The reasons for bad way of conduct among children.
  23. Genetics vs. upbringing: which of these are responsible for children’s deviant behavior?
  24. Global warming: a reality or elaborate hoax?
  25. Should more finance be directed into the development of electric cars?
  26. Social networks and romantic relationships.
  27. Do social media make relationships closer or more distant?
  28. Pros and cons of the proposed immigration policy.
  29. The problem of obesity and psychological effects it has on teenage girls.
  30. Is love the driving force when choosing your future spouse?
  31. Who should earn more in a family: a man or a woman?
  32. Is there a chance for a relationship to survive long distance?
  33. Romantic relationships in the eyes of a man and a woman.
  34. What do people seek in relationships?
  35. Are single people doomed for unhappiness?
  36. What makes a strong marriage?
  37. Should parents play any role in their children’s marriage and subsequent family life?
  38. The influence of political adverts on people.
  39. Advantages of e-books at schools.
  40. The role of art and music in prisoners’ and criminals’ rehabilitation.

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