Employability Skills for Students

Posted date: May 29, 2017

Many students consider it useful to find a part-time job for several reasons. First, they acquire the needed experience; second, they develop their communication, organization and teamwork skills; third, they get some extra cash. Of course, to make this experience even better, you should find a job that has a connection with your career. At first, this connection can be rather loose, but with time, you should make it stronger. Read on to learn more ideas!

Ideas for working part time in college

On-Campus Jobs

  • Usually, campus departments hire students twice a year – in late April and late October. So, if you’d like to work on campus, be ready to apply in time. Also, keep your eyes open in other months as well, since some departments hire throughout the year.
  • You should come to your Student Union and ask directly whether there are any student job ideas offered at the moment. The positions you might want to consider include administration, IT support, promotions, etc.
  • See if you can work at a library and provide peer assistance to students.
  • Consider working in your campus food outlets or cafes.
  • If you want to find an academic job or assist a research, talk directly to your academic staff members.

Off-Campus Jobs

  1. Retail and Hospitality. You can find these positions on job sites, as well as on the websites of the companies you target, notice boards, advertisements, etc. But remember that even at these simple positions, it’s better to use hidden job market strategies (such as asking employers directly or using your networks). If you have little to no work experience, try applying for a position in large retailers with many outlets and large catering companies, as well as major events and venues.
  2. Tutoring. It is a good idea to make some money through teaching Math or English to high school students. You can find this kind of job in private tutoring colleges, as well as on Yellow Pages Online.
  3. Call Centers. It’s one of the best job opportunities for students who are looking for part-time employment, because call centers often need new staff members and offer competitive salaries.
  4. Office Administration/Reception. The skills you’ll need there include sourcing supplies, finding and presenting information, creating schedules, entering information into databases, etc. When you’re looking for this kind of job, search for words like “general office support”, “entry level” or “junior”.

Good luck with your search!