Effective Writing: Advices from Our Writers

Posted date: May 10, 2018 effective-writing

A lot of students are eager to get to know how to write in a good way and in the long run celebrate the achievements. Frankly speaking, taking into consideration some of the essential pieces of advice can be really helpful.

A Few Useful Recommendations on Effective Writing

The following suggestions are inevitable and ought to be reflected on.

  • Writing mostly not in the passive but in the active voice

There is no doubt that one of the most important grammar points you should learn is supposed to be active voice. In fact, the active voice is different from the passive one in the way how you choose to order your words. Thus, the active voice is about describing a straightforward way that you use for ordering your words. If you make up your mind to stick to this rule, then you ought to write the words in the following order: the “doer” of an action, the action, and the receiver. For instance, “Mike threw the ball.” As a matter of fact, this is a classic sentence composed in the active voice.

  • Taking time to check your punctuation

It’s no secret that punctuation deserves special attention, especially when proofreading. However, it’s virtually not considered to be important and ignored these days. To begin with, it’s recommended to take any grammar book and review rules on basic punctuation before it comes to proofreading.

  • Turning different sentence fragments into relevant full sentences

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of newscasters usually speak in fragments rather than in full sentences. For example, “Car crash today in Chicago” or “Ten useful tips for healthy lifestyle.” In spite of the fact that such headline style is used in order to save time and space, it’s not considered to be grammatical. Of course, this doesn’t mean not using fragments. Nevertheless, a lot of beginning writers might not even realize that they are implementing them.

  • Adding words for cohesion

In some writing, it happens that sentences come as islands by themselves. What does it mean? It means that there are no so to say “bridges” that can link those islands.

  • Removing mixed metaphors

It’s no secret that metaphors can be perfect devices that help a writer to explain abstract ideas in a better way. However, if they are mixed together with some other metaphors, they can go awfully wrong.

  • Re-ordering sentences

Sometimes a paragraph might appear to be unfocused. Actually, you’d rather re-order the sentences. Consequently, your ideas will be put into a better flow. While doing this, you may realize that the topic sentence is hidden at the end or in the middle.

  • Looking out for various double words

The most common double words that frequently crop up are: on on, the the, to to. Obviously, it is a problem with regard to fast fingers, as well as a racing brain. As you proofread a book, for instance, Microsoft Word might look out for the problem of double words, especially if you run the special grammar checker.

Student Proofreading Services

Because of the fact that we have worked with a lot of students, we are aware of the fact what students need to know when they have to deal with improving their documents. Apparently, we combine editing and proofreading.

If you want to make sure that your dissertation or essay is presented as successfully as possible, you ought to resort to proofreading so that you can improve your piece of writing. What is more, we can boast of having particular experience in assisting those students that do not speak English as their native language.