Controversial Topics for Research Papers

Posted date: October 21, 2018 controversial-topics-for-research-papers

Original Controversial Topics for Research Papers

Every student writes plenty of academic papers while studying in college. Therefore, if you are a student, you have to improve your writing skills and learn how to choose the right topic for any writing assignment. Unfortunately, not every topic you are passionate about may be that easy to write about. Also, the task might become even more complicated if there is not enough research material on the issue you would like to write about.

Choosing controversial topics for research papers might be exciting. We usually like writing about something we have a strong opinion on. Besides, most of us like reading about controversial topics. However, there is a possibility of becoming too biased while creating a paper on such a topic, what may lead to alienating the reader. You can easily overcome that risk if you do thorough research and use only trustworthy sources.

The name of the paper says for it – argumentative. Sure, it is much easier to create an essay on an issue that most people agree. Nonetheless, that is not what an argumentative paper has to be about. It is necessary to select a debatable topic to discuss. You will require a couple of opposing points which can be countered with your own ones.

So, your most important concern now is probably choosing an original topic for an argumentative essay. We have organized some of the best topic ideas which you may like to use while working on your next essay. Also, here are some tips that will help you make a choice.

Find a Broad Topic and Narrow It Down

One effective tip on choosing a good topic is to consider several subjects which you have a passion for. Write these points on a piece of paper. Then, select the one which interests you most and break down this general subject into several smaller topics that are related to it. After it, narrow down these topics to the most exciting one. It is also necessary to choose a certain perspective which you will develop in the essay. You should read various opinions related to this issue to expand your knowledge.

Find Enough Sources to Write on Your Topic

Do a quick search on the points you have listed to find out which one is most widely researched. Make sure to choose the topic which is discussed not only on websites and blogs but also in books, articles, and even encyclopedias. Make sure to choose an issue which is interesting and has a lot of published material. Also, do not forget to check magazine articles, which are often shorter and more updated than those found in books.

Which Topic to Choose

Writing about legal matters is very widespread. Such topics might include laws that you would like to create, change, or cancel. Also, in topics about legal matters, you can discuss particular strengths and weaknesses of existing laws. There is no need to get super technical with legal issues in your paper. However, it is important to conduct careful research on what the current laws about the issue you have selected actually say. Eventually, it would look strange if offer changes in the law, which has already been changed.

Many students prefer writing argumentative essays about family life and values. This is because all families are different, as well as family rules and traditions. For this reason, such type of essay is difficult to generalize. However, if you choose such a topic, you can use plenty of research material available on child development, marital psychology, and various personal stories.

Social media are now an integral part of society. Research papers written on this topic can include different viewpoints. For example, you can describe the ways how media affects society. Or you can suggest what should be allowed to be presented through media. Actually, it is not difficult to find inspiration on this topic. Just turn on the TV and try leaving the channel on when the commercials come on.

Many students also like writing about legal and moral issues. These may include the way individuals act within society or the pressures that society puts on people. Actually, this category is very broad. If you get stuck with choosing the topic, consider something that concerns you personally. This will also make the writing come more naturally. Nevertheless, it is important to rely on facts rather than on personal anecdotes.

Examples of Good Controversial Topics for an Essay

We have carefully read tons of newspapers, news websites, and watched through TV news, and we have come up with a list of topics that will definitely work great.

Here they are:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of renewing relationships with Cuba?

  • Should adopted children have the right to know and communicate with their biological parents?

  • Should parents be strict?

  • Is it vital to talk with children about climate change?

  • Should the police have the right of using drones for photographing private property?

  • Should parents force children to attend church if they do not have such a will?

  • Should children be allowed to use social media before they turn 13?

  • Should the biological father have the right to prevent the mother from making an abortion?

  • Should court clerks have the permission to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples?

  • Do Super Pacs affect political campaigns unfairly?

We hope that these ideas of controversial topics for argumentative essays will be helpful for you. As producing research papers is quite a complicated task, coming up with an original topic can be stressful. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can return to it the next time when you need some ideas for argumentative essay topic. Also, come back to our website to find more articles and blog posts on producing college papers.