Essay On Advertisement: Advantages And Disadvantages of Advertisement

Posted date: July 11, 2017 essay-on-advertisement

You probably have already heard about a quote ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ as it’s often said in modern society. However, nowadays, the reality of this quote is completely reversed. Now ‘invention’ is the mother of necessity.

Every day new products appear on the market. These products are supported by advertisements, which businesspeople make in order to popularize them among their customers.

Advertisement creates an illusion of need for people who have even never heard about a particular product. It’s natural though. Without advertising, demand would be absolutely nonexistent. The business of any kind cannot function and survive on the market without its product being advertised. A successful businessperson is the one who can get money from even the most cautious and miserly customer. That’s how the business world goes around.

Along with the progress, the means of advertisements are also getting higher. We all know those big posters and endless ads on TV. Streets are crammed with different useless information. Magazines, newspapers, radio too. All this is done to serve a single purpose – to increase the sales.

A perfect ad has certain features. First, it should be based on psychology. Products for women should be advertised as something that women really need. The same with man products. Goods for different target audiences should be described differently in order to accurately hit the right client. Second, the advertisement should be attractive. There are too many ads all over the living area. That’s why your ad has to be extremely eye-catching, interesting and attractive. Avoid unnecessary exposure and maintain a proper sanctity in order to get the best of your advertisement.

People will not waste their time on things, which don’t concern them. Be brief in your advertisement. Long, fine and detailed descriptions are not always a great variant. Keep it in mind.

Nowadays, even the most injurious products are being advertised. Indecent literature, alcohol, undesirable medicines, etc. Copywriters fool you to make their own profit. That’s why you need to be careful while reading another ad on the wall and use your brain in order to correctly distinguish whether you need this product.

In our country, the level and meaning of advertisement are at their starting points. It’s not as developed as, for example, in America, where companies have special experts for this purpose. Moreover, some businesspeople underestimate the necessity of advertisement and think it’s unnecessary. It is a mistake, for sure. Nowadays, to get success in every kind of business, you have to create and use a whole strategy of advertising. Without it, in the modern age, your business will hardly survive.