Best Tips on Writing an Expository Essay

Posted date: June 06, 2017 best-tips-on-writing-an-expository-essay

An expository essay has to describe a certain topic in a clear manner. This type of paper presents a fair and logical analysis of a subject, which is based on evidence without any references to emotions or the point of view of the writer. Typically, writing prompt for this kind of essays uses words like “define” or “explain.”

The Five Steps Writing Process for Expository Essay

To write a good essay you may use the following tips for every part of the paper structure and writing process.


On this stage, you should choose the topic of an essay and define its main idea. Conduct a good research and write down an outline that will show the information which has to be presented in each part of the essay.


The main sentence of an introduction is the topic sentence that states a thesis of the paper. Make sure your thesis statement is stated clearly and does not give any opinion or take any position. It has to be well-defined and have a manageable scope.

All the body paragraphs have to cover particular points which develop a thesis statement. In the body part of your essay, you have to provide facts and examples to support the topic sentence.

The conclusion has to reinforce the thesis statement and main supporting ideas. You should not include new material in this part of the paper.

As the expository essay aims to discuss a certain subject, instead of a personal experience, you should write it in the third person.


On this stage, you must review, reorganize, and modify your writing to make it the best it can be. While revising your essay, you should ask yourself whether the essay gives an unbiased analysis, using clear facts; whether the information is clearly communicated to the audience; whether the word choice is precise; whether the sentences flow logically; whether the conclusion communicates the value and meaning of the thesis statement.


When the revising is completed, proofread your paper, correct any errors, and do everything possible to improve the style and clarity. While this type of writing must be clear and concise, it should also be quite engaging. Ask your friend or relative to read your paper and edit it with fresh eyes.


Do not feel shy to share your essay with the rest of your class. Every writer is sensitive about his/her work. Remember to learn from the experience and use feedbacks to improve your writing skills.