Illustration Essay Topics: New Ideas for Writing

Posted date: February 13, 2019 best-illustration-essay-topics

What Is an Illustration Essay?

Those teachers, who find visualization tools important and effective for learning, try to use different videos, pictures, graphs, and other visual materials for explaining complicated material. As such, if they want to teach their students how to use this trick, they my assign them illustration essays to evaluate their ability to use illustrative strategies while writing.

So, what is an illustration essay? When writing an illustration essay, you need to provide an explanation or interpretation of a specific subject/ topic/ idea by using illustrations, examples, numbers, statistics, stories, jokes, etc. Actually, the main purpose of writing an illustration essay is to convey the topic of the essay in the clearest way possible. When writing this kind of essay, you need to provide numerous descriptions and examples in order to make the layout of ideas easy to understand.

Still, any type of essay writing requires you to use examples and illustrations for supporting your claims and arguments. Here you might ask about the difference between an ordinary essay and an illustration essay. The main fact is that in the illustration essay you do not have to prove anything or convince anyone in your point of view.

 All in all, it is not easy to write an illustration essay if you have no previous practice in thus essay type. First of all, if you want to provide a successful and effective piece of writing, you need to come up with interesting and relevant illustration essay topics. If you choose a good topic, the whole process of writing will not be as hard as you may think of.

There is an array of illustration essay topics divided into separate groups depending on the theme or scope of research they cover. We have created a list of the most popular ideas for illustration essay topics that may be suitable for students majoring in different disciplines. Check out the following categories and choose the topic that is the most interesting one for you.

Topics on Students’ Routine in College or University

  1. What are the responsibilities of a dormitory resident assistant?
  2. Do you believe that “friendship zone” is a definite “no” to romantic relationships?
  3. What criteria you should consider when choosing a higher education institution?
  4. What are the best strategies to provide an effective resume?
  5. Express your viewpoint on the pranks in schools and colleges and the potential consequences.
  6. Write about sports traditions in your educational establishment.
  7. What are the best ways to save money in students’ years?
  8. How to establish a regime when practicing music?
  9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a dormitory?
  10. The pros and cons of being a school president. Why is this position important?
  11. Arrange an interview with one of your professors and ask him/ her about life, educational background, achievements, work experience, and future career plans.
  12. The importance and the overall role of Christian organizations and groups in educational establishments.
  13. Different traditions in your campus that derive from overlapping cultures.
  14. Choose one of the oldest buildings in your campus and describe its meaning and importance for students.
  15. Problems and challenges that students encounter in the process of adaptation to new cultures and countries.
  16. The importance of maintaining order and cleanliness in your room or flat.
  17. Is there a secret how to create harmonic relationship with your roommate and live without conflicts?
  18. Describe the food choices students have on campus. Is the food choice rich in nutrients?
  19. Means of getting in contact with your family while living away from home.

Career and Workplace

  1. Find the most popular spots for students’ gathering and describe it in detail. What makes it so popular and convenient?
  2. Describe the principles of working as a barista at Starbucks.
  3. Do you agree that the “customer is always right”? What does this phrase mean?
  4. Explain concrete steps how to become a doctor in your country. Choose a specific specialty, namely a physical therapist, a dentist, a speech therapist, an orthodontist, etc.
  5. Describe a typical day in everyday routine of a medical specialist.
  6. Describe the steps that are taken by a fashion designer to create a new fashion line.
  7. What abilities and skills one should have in order to become a specialist in the airline industry?
  8. Discuss an interview conducted with a scientist. How has he/ she become a scientist? What is his/ her scope of research?
  9. Provide an illustration what a teacher needs to do to prepare for lessons. What are the most common challenges faced each day?
  10. Provide a description of preparation to a lawyer’s working day.
  11. What are the pros and cons of working in a fast food restaurant? What is specific about this work?
  12. Illustrate the specifics of restaurant work from the perspective of a waiter/ waitress.
  13. Illustrate the principles of a non-profit organization functioning.
  14. What are the challenges of dealing with coworkers? How to deal with conflicts in the workplace?
  15. Do you believe there are specific jobs suitable only for men and only for women? If yes, what are they? 

Social Topics

  1. Explain the meaning and role of a religious ceremony. Describe it in such a way as if you are explaining it to representatives of the other cultures and religious backgrounds, who are unfamiliar with it.
  2. What are the challenges a social worker may face when working or dealing with homeless people?
  3. Choose one historical site in your city or town and describe its historical meaning to the community.
  4. Is it important to have close friends and share with then different secrets? How essential it is to get support from friends?
  5. Do you believe that women should be taught self-defense? How should they apply it in real life effectively?
  6. How do natural disasters change normal lives of people?
  7. How to maintain ecological sustainability in your home country?
  8. Describe your last visit to the museum or a gallery. What were your impressions?

Choose a famous event from the past, describe it, and pinpoint to why it is still significant nowadays. What role did it play in the history of mankind