Accounting essay tips

Posted date: January 05, 2018 accounting-essay-tips

The accounting essay is one of the most complicated types of papers. Many students have a lot of problems with the theme, style, and structure. These three components are extremely critical when we are talking about an accounting essay. Therefore, the aim of this article is to consider the most popular strategies for choosing relevant accounting essay topics, determining a proper style and building a clear structure of an accounting paper.

How to choose an accounting essay topic

The first and the most significant step, which everyone should do, is to choose the theme for an essay. There are three different strategies, which students often use.

The first is to choose a topic that you are already familiar with. Many students and even scientists prefer to use this writing strategy because of its reliability. They need less time for collecting and examining new materials and sources. Also, they have already had some previous sources that they can use for their papers. It allows them to save time and to work on style and structure. Also, they can be sure for 90 percent that they will do everything in time and will have a good result. Thus, if you have some previous knowledge concerning accounting essay topics - use it for your paper.

The main point of the second approach is to find out something new. It means that you should look for further information, read the latest relevant papers concerning accounting and try to find something that attracts your attention. Of course, you should realize that you need a lot of time for searching new info and analyzing it. Thus, it is vital to distribute your time correctly in order to do everything in time. Here you may find some theses, which may become a background for your accounting essay:

History of accounting: what, who, when and how changed it?

Three points of financial relationships: monetary losses, examining financial info, and the role of technology.

Personal and machine accounting: pros and cons.

Does accounting have future? What is the role and place of accounting in modern big companies?

Accounting: a system of avoiding debts and giving predictions.

The third, and maybe the easiest way is to ask your professor to assist you. However, you should be familiar with the most popular and relevant accounting essay topics to discuss them with your professor.

There are two types of topics. The first is very straightforward and sounds like accounting and modern software, types of accounting and its methods, historical aspects and approaches to accounting, etc.

The second one is more complicated. It aims to solve some issue. For instance, you may read more and write about auditing collusion, taxes (ways and approaches to reducing companies' fees), financial markets and their features in the global system, the role of information flow in accounting, impacts of culture and organization on the accounting, etc.


Each essay has its own writing style, which you should follow. An accounting essay includes specific vocabulary and terminology. Thus, you should know all meanings to write your paper correctly. Besides, there are a few more rules:

  • write your article in the past tense;
  • define the main idea for each separate paragraph;
  • provide necessary background info to reinforce your argument;
  • formulate your thesis and hypothesis at the beginning of your essay;
  • give your piece to someone who can check it for spelling and grammar mistakes;


One more important thing is the structure of your paper. Usually, you should use APA style for an accounting essay. However, the style may depend on the professor or university. If you are writing your article in APA, it should include such sections as:

Cover page with the topic, the name of the university or college, professor's name and yours.

Abstract - a brief description of the direction and features of your study.

Introduction - an introductory part of your research, which should include general info about your theme, research question, and thesis.

Background - a broad discussion of the topic issue.

Literature review - the most authorized scientific researches on this topic.

Methods - briefly describe the features and the ways and approaches, which you use to examine this topic.

Results - write about your findings: whether your thesis was right or wrong.

Discussion - briefly describe the central debate on your topic.

Conclusion - present your findings based on received results.

References - the list of papers, books, articles, etc., which you use for your writing.

Appendix - you may add some additional info or statistic data concerning your essay.