Terms and Conditions of using BestCustomPapers


By accessing and using the BestCustomPapers web-site, or any of the content presented in any parts of the web-site, you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not acknowledge and agree with these Terms, you may not access or useBestCustomPapers, its content, or Services.

The following Terms and Conditions comprise general agreement between BestCustomPapers.com and a customer who chooses to access BestCustomPapers.com website and use any of its services and products.  The customer takes total responsibility for accepting the Terms and Conditions of this document.  By using BestCustomPapers.com website the customer  agrees to abide by any rules and policies posted on any part of the website.

If BestCustomPapers.com chooses to revise its  regulations, terms of this agreement or makes any other changes of  its policies, such changes shall be posted on the site  within this agreement. Any revisions immediately become binding upon all the customers.  We take every effort to timely inform our customers on any changes, although it is the customer's responsibility to remain informed of any amednments.

Proprietary Rights

BestCustomPapers.com provides a variety of  writing services to its customers.  The customer agrees that such  written works are the property of BestCustomPapers.com. they  are protected by current copyright law and intellectual proprietary regulations.  Any  written products ordered by customers are to be used only as models/examples of written works the customer is intending to produce.  The customer  totally agrees to follow the policy of BestCustomPapers.com: no  written product ordered  from BestCustomPapers.com will be submitted without proper source referencing.  The customer will never use any products from BestCustomPapers.com for commercial purposes, asinces it is the direct  violation of the law and thus will subject the customer to legal action.  BestCustomPapers.com does not promote  any form of cheating or plagiarism.

Indemnification by User

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless BestCustomPapers.com from any loss, liability, claim, action, suit, demand, damage, or expense (including reasonable legal fees, costs of investigation and court costs) asserted by any third party relating in any way to, or in respect of, your use of  BestCustomPapers.com Services, or breach of these Terms of Use. BestCustomPapers.com reserves its right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification by you.

BestCustomPapers.com Policy Regarding Refunds

BestCustomPapers.com does complete refunds without any additional fees if:

  • Plagiarism has been detected  by the customer and proved with appropriate evidence
  • If we haven’t found appropriate writer to fulfill your order.

2Co and Plimus services ( providing secure transactions of your payment) reserve all the rights to make any Refund or Cancellation without the prior  consent of the Supplier. 

Communication between the Customer and BestCustomPapers.com

The customer takes complete responsibility for providing BestCustomPapers.com with a correct e-mail address(required) and a telephone number(optional) for  communication.  General notices shall be timely posted on  BestCustomPapers.com website. Although  any personal communication with each individual customer is done via e-mail.

Termination of  the Order

BestCustomPapers.com may determine that an order is to be terminated.  In such event  the customer shall be notified ASAP and a full refund will be issued.  BestCustomPapers.com does every effort to follow all the  instructions given by the customer when producing a  written product, and when it is unable to do so will terminate such an order.

If the customer believes that his/her prior instructions have not been followed, it is the customer's responsibility to notify BestCustomPapers.com of suach an issue within 48 hours of  the product delivery.  If  it is proved that BestCustomPapers.com’s writer has not followed the original instructions of the customer,  the product  will be revised as apropriate at no additional charge.  If the customer fails to contact BestCustomPapers.com within 48 hours, the sale is considered final. In such event any revisions subsequently requested by the customer shall only be done at additional cost.  The customer may not change instructions after  the order receipt  without additional cost.

Confidentiality & Transmissions via the Internet

The transmission of  any information (including communications by e-mail) over the Internet or other publicly accessible networks is not  completely secure, and losses, interceptions, or alterations while in transit are  possible. Accordingly, BestCustomPapers.com can not be responsible  for any damage you may experience or costs you may incur as a result of any transmissions over the Internet. Although BestCustomPapers.com  makes every effort to protect your private information, trannsmissions involving the exchange of e-mail with BestCustomPapers.com containing your personal information can not be completely secured. While BestCustomPapers.com shall take commercially reasonable efforts to safeguard the privacy of the information you provide and will never provide it to the third parties, in no event will the information you provide to BestCustomPapers.com can  result in any liability to you on BestCustomPapers.com part in the event that such information is inadvertently released by BestCustomPapers.com or accessed by third parties without BestCustomPapers.com's consent.

Refund Policy

If the Customer gets charged double as a result of a processing error or another technical error, he/she will be issued a full refund. The Customer will also receive a refund if the Company does not manage to provide the ordered paper within the agreed time or if the paper does not meet the requirements.

The Customer has 14 days to assess and review the received paper and approve it. The order approval time is calculated based on the time of the final paper delivery to the Customer or the time when the time allowed for the paper expires. The paper gets approved automatically when the time allowed ends.

Before the order is approved:

1. The Customer is eligible for a full refund if:

a)      Any payment mistake occurs (identical orders are placed, double payment was made, etc.). If such a mistake occurs, the Customer has to notify the Company immediately. Yet, a 100% refund can be issued only if the writer was not yet assigned to the order. If the writer has already started working on the order (researching, communicating with the customer, uploading drafts, etc.) when the Customer decided to make a cancellation, only a partial refund can be issued.

b)      The Company cannot find a suitable writer for the order.

c)      The order was not delivered to the Customer within the specified deadline. In such a case, if the Customer will not need the paper anymore, he/she will not receive it and cannot make use of any drafts or other materials which were previously sent to him/her.

This does not apply to revisions. If the order was sent on revision, it means that the Customer generally approves it but it needs some adjustments. In case of a revision request, a full refund cannot be issued.

2. The Customer is eligible for a 70% refund if he/she decides to cancel the order when it has been already processed and the writer has already started writing it. In such a case, the Company withholds some money to pay the writer for the work done. The money will be returned within 5-7 business days.

3. The Customer is eligible for a 50% refund if:

a)      The Customer decides to cancel the order when about half of the order deadline has already passed.

b)      If the Company cannot complete the Customer’s revision request.

4. In case the order is not done within the agreed deadline, the order price will be recalculated according to the time when the order was delivered to the Customer. For instance, if the paper was delivered within 10 hours instead of the 7 hours agreed, the Customer will be compensated the difference between the payments for the orders with such deadlines. This does not apply to revisions.

The Company deals with refund requests on a case-to-case basis as every request has its peculiarities. If the Customer asks a particular order to be refunded, the case and the paper itself are investigated by the Quality Control Department. After the results of the investigation are compared with the Customer’s claims and dissatisfaction reasons, appropriate actions are being taken.

In case the Customer requests a partial refund due to certain flaws of the order received, our Quality Control Department evaluates the quality of the paper and the Customer will be refunded the amount of money which is comparable to the amount of drawbacks in the paper.

If the Company delays delivery of the order due to some unexpected issues, the Customer will be compensated for the deadline breach and will be provided with a discount on the next paper ordered. Please, pay attention that delivery time deviations cannot be viewed as a valid refund reason.

Please, pay attention, that a refund can be requested only before the paper is approved. If the refund request was not received by our Customer Support within 14 days after the paper was delivered to the Customer, the request will not be considered.

The Company must be informed about any cancellation or refund request in a written form – by email or with the help of our Order message system. If the Customer is not satisfied with the service or the product provided, he/she can request a partial or a full refund. However, the Company retains the right to accept or deny any request on an individual basis

If a certain refund request was made due to the unsatisfactory quality of the paper, the Customer has to back up the claim with valid reasons and evidence. In case the Company requires additional evidence or information as to the refund case, the Customer will be asked to provide such data. If the Customer does not provide the necessary evidence and information while requesting the refund, the Company can refuse from the refund investigation.

If a full refund is issued or an Order gets unpaid when the Paper has been already delivered to the Customer, the Company retains full authorship rights on the Paper, which means that the Company can resell, use, distribute and share the Paper with any third parties. The Customer, on the other hand, will have no right to use the Paper received for any purpose.

The Company is not responsible for the Customer’s failure to use the paper appropriately and no refund can be issued in case the Customer gets a dissatisfactory grade.


The Company has the right to change, revise, amend or otherwise modify some or all parts of the given Agreement. Customers are bound by all subsequent changes, revisions, amendments or modifications as stipulated herein to continue using services of the Company. Customers are obliged to review the given Agreement on a regular basis as any change made will be mentioned in this section.  

A refund will not be given if:

  1. The Company has established a special Order Messaging System to make the customer-writer communication more convenient. The Customer is obliged to regularly check for new messages from the writer of his/her order or the Customer Support agents. The Customer should promptly answer and address any questions with the help of the Messaging System, which involves providing additional order instructions in case of necessity. Failure to use the Messaging system or neglect of any messages cannot be regarded as a sufficient ground for any refund. If the Customer does not know how to use the Messaging system and needs some help or clarifications, he/she is welcome to contact the Customer Support any time.
  2. If the Order is delivered to the Customer within the agreed deadline, the Company cannot be held responsible for the failure of the Customer to download the Order in time. Please note that in such a case, the Order will not be refunded.


Where a customer applies for chargeback, we will contact them by phone, email or through our messaging system requesting that they withdraw their application. We guarantee to refund the purchase price in full at this stage where a customer feels we have completed their order in a substandard manner, and provided our Quality Control Department proves their view. To take advantage of our refund option, the customer must cancel their chargeback application by getting in touch with their bank. As soon as it has been confirmed that the chargeback has been cancelled, we will issue a refund. In the event we do not hear from a customer within two days or they have failed to initiate a withdrawal of the chargeback, we will attempt to contact them once more via the same channels to remind them of our offer. At this point we will offer 50% of the purchase price back, if the customer agrees. We will be forced to terminate our cooperation with the customer if they disregard our attempts to contact them or show no willingness to withdraw the chargeback. Customers should also take note that any future attempts they make to order from similar companies will be prohibited if they engage in deceptive practices with us.

Order Cancellation Procedure

If the customer placed a wrong order, he has a right to cancel it and get his money back in case no writer has started to work on it or form of order cancellation is filled and applied within 20 percent of the deadline and if the deadline is no more than 14 days. Customer can also receive all his money back for orders with deadline longer than 14 days. However, he has to send form of order cancellation within 4 days.

In case the writer has been already assigned to the order and started working on it and customer wants to cancel such order, he will receive only partial refund. Partial refund is estimated according to the time which is left for order completion. It cannot be higher than 75 % of the total order price.