Terms and Conditions of using BestCustomPapers


It is eligible to apply for getting a refund in the framework of two weeks (14 days) after the deadline of the order has expired; however, a customer can apply for refund without any limitation in the time frame in case of plagiarism. It should be noted that the fault of the writer can be proved only upon availability of a valid plagiarism report.

*Turnitin and other partner websites like WriteCheck and iThenticate belong to the group of reliable engines used for detecting plagiarism. A table of contents, direct citations with proper formatting, questions taken from academic assignments, and lists of sources are not defined as being plagiarized. Such websites as SafeAssign.com are considered to be non-credible resources since the generated reports refer to direct quotes and references as to plagiarism. A proof of plagiarized text cannot be considered as valid if it is presented with handwritten comments.

  1. In case the customer places a continuation order, the company bears the responsibility only for the authenticity of the part written by the writer. The customer’s part of the text is not going to be analyzed for originality of content.
  2. The company guarantees that the Refund Department analyzes each case of customer’s dissatisfaction with the obtained paper. The customer gets a detailed report on the matter in the course of 3 - 4 business days; justification of the claims leads to a partial or a full refund. 


  1. The admissible time for free revisions is 48 hours (2 days) starting from the time the deadline is over. In case the request is sent later, a customer is supposed to compensate for the revision. In case the writer agrees to assist without additional payment, refund request is no longer possible. 
  2. Revision of papers that exceed 20+ pages is free within 30 days after the deadline is expired.
  3. Change of the initial instructions cannot be considered as a revision. Additional writer’s work should be compensated for in case the customer provides extra materials with a delay or after the paper is completed.
  4. A customer is eligible for free revisions of the papers; however, it is crucial to set a new time frame and send clear comments and recommendations to the writer. It can take up to 24 hours to get the paper revised by the current or new writer if the instructions are complicated. The company guarantees that the writers will work diligently to deliver the papers with the requested amendments within the agreed period of time.
  5. To ensure high efficiency of cooperation, we recommend the customers to check their email and personal profile for new messages from the company administration and writers. In case the materials or requirements are not provided timely, the writer will request them. Only if all explicit details are uploaded without any delay, the writers will do their jobs effectively.
  6. The customers can choose an option of “Extended Revision” for 30% of the order price, while placing their orders. The option will help extend time for free revision from 48 hours to 14 days. Still, a revision request should comply with the instructions that were primarily placed by the client. Please also note that in case a revision request is not made, the extra cost paid for the option will not be returned.  

A Full Refund

  1. Full (100 %) refund is provided to the customer in case of duplicate orders or double charges. The customer is supposed to contact the representatives of the support team and request order cancellation.
  2. Full (100 %) refund is provided in case of the company’s inability to assign the writer.
  3. A granted full refund implies that the customer can neither make use of any materials provided by the company nor submit the obtained paper. 

A Partial Refund

  1. Partial refund can be issued if the customer initially indicated wrong number of required pages. Incorrect word count specification will be reimbursed to the customer.
  2. In case the level of writing is chosen in a wrong way (for instance, college instead of Master’s), the refund amount can be decreased by the Refund Department.
  3. Refund percentage is calculated on individual basis in case the provided instructions are contradictory and ambiguous. It may happen if the customer’s messages do not correspond to the initial instructions or attached files.
  4. Cancellation of the order with the assigned writer:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline 

*Order cancellation is not possible with only 30% of the deadline left if there is a writer assigned. Furthermore, the order cannot be cancelled if the paper is already written. 

Late Verification

  1. If the order is verified late or a customer disregards the request from the Financial Department about the identity verification, a new deadline is set after corresponding clarifications. A customer is supposed to either approve deadline extension or place a compensation order to cover the change of deadline.  

Word Count Issues

  1. Count of the pages is done on the basis of the number of words. We use 300 words per page rule; although technical orders with calculations do not adhere to the rule, and the price of the order is calculated subject to the complexity.
  2. PowerPoint Presentations. An option of speaker notes (100-150 words per slide) is a paid service.
  3. The number of pages in online test orders and ‘multiple choice’ orders is determined by the number of questions. A task of 5 questions equals 1 page. 


  1. Early delivery requires compensation. Additional order should be placed by the customer if the paper is needed before the expiration of deadline. In case the writer agrees to provide the paper without recalculation of the payment, refund cannot be applied.
  2. Recalculation of the payment is also done if the order is uploaded with a delay without customer’s approval of extension. Partial refund can be issued in such case in accordance with the pricing presented on the website. 

Order Type

  1. A customer should choose a proper order type (Online Test, Question-Answer, Essay, etc.) Refund can be applied only if the requested service is paid correspondingly.
  2. A ‘Rewriting’ type of orders implies paraphrasing the text without any extra research, adding sources, and adjusting the content, unless compensation is applied.
  3. Effective communication with the customers is guaranteed if they check their email and personal profiles timely.